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Starting a new fashion range #Ghana #wenchytude #JoziGem

Dear friends and other interesting people,

Being fat, regardless of what I wear I look the size of a small African country. Maybe Ghana?

Having lost weight (Yes, stone me… I heart #banting), my clothes do not fit. That isn’t sexy either.

My jeans don’t look proper on my body…it makes this bubble… Yes I know. Exactly what supermodels everywhere is wearing!

Yes… I am one of those fat people who buy something in every colour if I like it….so I now have a range of baggy jeans.

Start a new fashion label since I already have the range?

I can’t shop for every 15kg’s lost. I have stuff to pay dammit.

I wish you some kick ass jeans.

2 responses to “Starting a new fashion range #Ghana #wenchytude #JoziGem”

  1. Congrats on the weight loss!!


  2. I’m still very much on the fence about the whole banting thing. It sounds great in principle but I’m not sure I can cut out carbs completely. Especially since there is absolutely no buy-in from my family, even with my having to go gluten free. And I find it incredibly difficult to maintain the discipline on not eating stuff I’m not supposed to eat when I’m the only one… It sucks having to watch other people eat stuff that I love and can’t have anymore!


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