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@sterkinekor @the100ftJourney Women’s Month giveaway!

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Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

“But women- this I will never understand- they are touched by the oddest things”
Richard C. Morais, The Hundred-Foot Journey

I had the absolute delight to attend a ladies coffee morning at the new  with amongst others   at  Sandton City. (I wonder if I will ever get use to people I admire so greatly, actually knowing my name. #humbled).

We were spoiled to gorgeous cakes, coffees, glitter, colour, laughter, flowers and much anticipation to watch  in the comfort of the superior experience, which is #CinePrestige. It is quite an experience.  I loved it. It is colourful and spicy. Exquisitely unfolds to a backdrop of dreams, embracing what we do not understand and being who you are.

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I am thrilled to bring to my readers an awesome gift from SterKinekor. I would love a copy of the book being an avid reader and knowing the beautiful aroma the movie left behind. The gift will make absolute sense once you have enjoyed watching The Hundred-Foot Journey.


1x consol jar
1x apron
1x salt and pepper grinders
1x Eastern spices
1x wooden spoon
1x The Hundred Foot Journey novel
1x double tickets


Please answer the question in my comment section. The competition winner will be announced on 31 August 2014 when women’s month draws to a close.  Which actress plays the role of Madame Mallory?

I wish you to embrace the unknown,


14 responses to “@sterkinekor @the100ftJourney Women’s Month giveaway!”

  1. Helen Mirren


  2. Helen Miren 🙂 would love to win ! Pick me pretty please @verushka143


  3. The fabulous Dame Helen Mirren, Darling!


  4. I am dying to see this movie!
    It is Helen Mirren 🙂


  5. The beautiful Helen Mirren


  6. The Wonderful Dame Helen Mirren!


  7. Jackie Katzen avatar
    Jackie Katzen

    Helen Mirren plays the role of Madame Mallory


  8. Megan Josephs avatar
    Megan Josephs

    Helen Mirren


  9. helen mirren


  10. Ramona Naidoo avatar
    Ramona Naidoo

    Helen Mirren is the actress.


    1. You are our winner as per our random draw done by my husband @SirNoid


  11. Helen Mirren


  12. Helen Mirren. Lovely prize!


  13. I every time spent my half an hour to read this weblog’s content everyday along with a cup of


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