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When a Musical Movie Strikes a personal Chord: Begin Again… and again…

My review of #BeginAgain to follow. @caitlinclerk wrote so beautifully I had to share it. cc @sterkinekor @mnetmovies Be you 20, 30 or 40… I have to tell you that heartbreak and heartache feels the same. Your words… You can only fall as far as the floor is so true.

Musings and Musicals

Sure, he was wonderful – that’s why I dated him for two years. Everybody loved him, and so did I. I have quite good taste and I chose him myself. If he wasn’t a keeper, I wouldn’t have kept him for so many years, but sometimes someone does something so hurtful, that no matter how wonderful they were before, they will never be that person for you again.

Watching Begin Again at Sterkinekor’s Girlfriends Getaway on Wednesday took me right back to that day when I watched the man I loved morph in to a stranger in a matter of minutes. It’s probably the first time I have identified with a character played by Keira Knightley. Usually I find her face too annoying to notice what she does with it, but in her role as the simple and earthy musician, Gretta, she became real to me.

I have been wrestling…

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