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Working/Holiday Day 1/10 @kulula @Gautrain @swellendam1


Dear friends and family and other interesting creatures, 

I have never been on the Gautrain alone before. @SirNoid dropped me in Rosebank station just before 7am and miss the train as I had no idea I needed to take the train to Hatfield,  get off at Sandton,  to change platforms to get to Oliver Tambo International.  My flight is at 9am. I keep thinking of #BeginAgain and the song Gretta sings about being alone in the subway.

Finally arrived at the airport looking a tad frazzled.  Running to check in,  boarded with but few moments to go.  Just happy I made it.  Perhaps I prefer the the fashioned car ride and the long hugs goodbye. 

Flight was uneventful.  Being late I did not get to choose a seat but sat next to a tiny Asian person and a snoring man. My mind was incredibly busy. Trying to work out how to handle different aspects of my life.  My book was above my head and I found it hard enough getting my laptop in there.  I wasn’t gonna take it out! 

My sis-in-law,  Jenni fetched me.  Road trip with chatter all the way.  I enjoyed it immensely.  Once in Swellendam we chilled on the deck eating chocolate cake drank tea. 

Once it got cooler we moved inside.  Jenni made supper,  I worked,  Dad made a fire. Diner was served.  Jenny showed her parents some very old pictures and soon we were all in bed. 

I wish you chocolate cake,

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3 responses to “Working/Holiday Day 1/10 @kulula @Gautrain @swellendam1”

  1. Phew ! Glad you made it in good time!!! Enjoy your trip and hope you get good rest xxx


  2. Enjoy the cake! Sorry you missed your train. My mom loves those Gautrains and insists on taking them every time she visits. At least it is a shorter car ride for me!


  3. Oooh, chocolate cake! 🙂


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