Not your usual braai day! @SirNoid #HeritageDay


Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

I had ended our engagement. I know I have the ‘flight’ response when faced with any emotional turmoil. It has caused me much heartache in the past and even today it is something I have to fight the moment I feel my heart to be in jeopardy. At least now I am aware I do this.  Not one of my best qualities.

While we had parted ways, for some reason @SirNoid never gave up. Instead of just letting me be,  he kept pushing. There were days with harsh words,  frustration and hurtful actions back and forth … and others filled with regret, apologies, tears, madness and wishing it had turned out differently. It was a very difficult time for us all.

@SirNoid asked if we could meet as he had been on a course and felt he wanted to share some thoughts with me. We had not seen each other for a month or so by then.  I nervously agreed after trying to put it off till later in the week, but @SirNoid when on a mission, he doesn’t stop….  🙂 He had to see me this minute.

I had wanted to meet publicly while he wanted to speak privately.  Sjoe.  I didn’t know what to think.  I went to his place and when he opened the door,  it was kinda awkward.  Do you hug or shake hands or just kinda randomly nod?

2014-09-24 08.56.01

We had a very quick long distance hug and I remember he told me I smell nice.  He offered me a drink and when settled,  he had a notepad and started reading from it.  It was a very deep conversation and I could see he had given it much consideration and thought.

We spoke for over five hours.  We unravelled and disected our life in microscopic detail. The good,  the mediocre and the horrible. We both had regrets, apologies, tears…  The only thing louder than long emotional pauses was the sexual energy in the room.

He asked me to marry him (again) a few days later.

We eloped shortly after and married at Champagne Sports Resort in the Drakensberg,  without sharing the information with anyone.

It was quite something to have a groom arrange a wedding in under a week with only two close friends let in on the details at the very last minute.


@SirNoid sorted everything.  I only bought his wedding band, arranged my flowers and cupcakes. @SirNoid booked a minister, bought my dress,   booked the Chapel where we only did the legal requirements (hence our two guests doubled as witnesses,  photographer’s,  best man,  bridesmaid lol …) and then we flew up to the ‘little Berg’ in a helicopter where we exchanged vows privately (each wrote their own and recited  it in tears… #gratitude #drama #happy and drank champagne where the pilot doubled as photographer. It was very emotional.  One of the very few times I have seen @SirNoid cry.

It was a very happy day. My husband did everything he could to make our wedding day and honeymoon (that truly extended over a year of many trips) special. In our hotel room he had arranged champagne,  a wrapped gift for me,  flowers,  chocolate… rose petals everywhere.  Magic! The man was impressive!

Our friends left the Drakensberg the following morning and we remained for a bit of a honeymoon.  Glorious days of sunshine in the Berg…. alone with a giant Giraffe (my favourite animal) stuffed toy @SirNoid bought me. 🙂


Before hand we agreed we would keep the news secret for a bit,  let me sell my house etc but once our wedding rings were on,  neither of us wanted to take it off!

We told our kids first,  then our parents,  then our friends… I made a lovely announcements picture with us and the helicopter in the background on the top of the ‘little Berg’ that the pilot had taken.

Our news created chaos as friends and family felt betrayed, angry,  confused and we understood why… Believe me,  I had no idea an elopement was due the next week either…  but that is not what we celebrating today.  🙂


Happy Anniversary my dear husband.  Thank you for always fighting for me,  thank you for providing for me in excess,  driving me to pedicures and porn nails with your madness lol! I love you and I am happy we have kept on, keeping on.

We started our life together in complicated circumstances with x people,  many children,  divorces, financial disasters, new jobs,  moving houses… We did our best to meet everybody’s needs,  sometimes forgetting our own.

We have had MANY obstacles during our almost seven years together… and we have overcome even when it seemed an impossible task mostly because you simply refuse to give up on me. I have great respect for that. In itself, a great declaration of love. I love you and I am grateful for my life with you… Even when you can be a pain in the neck.  Literally.  🙂

A comment was made recently that people do not understand why we are together… I have thought about it and it is very simple: We know what it feels like to be apart.

I wish us many years of loving,  learning, understanding,  compromise, caring, giving, allowing, accepting and forgiving, laughter, wild sexual escapades, barrels of cash and great contentment in our hearts.

Your Wenchy x


Author: WεηchƔ

In September 1997, “The Nocturnal Wenchy” started her blog. The blog remains painfully real but these days she is more of an intermittent Blogger! 😉

5 thoughts on “Not your usual braai day! @SirNoid #HeritageDay”

  1. My Dearest Babes.

    I dont know how to express in words how much that post means to me.

    Your writing once again says everything so perfectly, something we both struggle to do verbally, so often.

    You know I love you and have fought for you and that means everything.

    You love me and have fought for me!

    Enough said.

    Happy Anniversary

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