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“I no longer want to think except with the body”                                               

Have you ever wondered what it means to be older? How you would get society to value you when you are at your wisest, most integrated and most courageous? How you would begin to do your best work in the world when you turn 60?

Attempting to find answers to these questions isTossie van Tonder aka Nobonke, a critically acclaimed and respected South African pioneer and mentor in dance theatre and performance, with her Deepening seminar: Act –Your – Agetaking place in Johannesburg, from October 24 to 26 at the Dance Space, Newtown.

The seminar will be holistically integrative with conversation, movement experience and realisations; will give a sense of your emergent resourcefulness and open up a world that is not regulated by language yet will help you mediate your environment in so many more ways.

Van Tonder explains some of the embodied results that can be expected after attending this seminar: “When we pay attention to our body and movement, we open ourselves to a communication that incorporates our intuitive knowing with our rational mind. We begin to make sense of what our instincts, our senses and our heart is telling us. We find ourselves in a territory and consciousness where the invisible becomes tangible, where the inner becomes the visible landscape outside of us and where the nature of our own nature comes to life in a form that resonates with, and speaks directly to our soul. In this seminar, by developing our capacity to listen to our bodies while in movement, we will experience different types of consciousness, as well as archetypal and creative forces as part of our character.”

Act-Your-Age at a time when everything in your life begins to make sense – take charge of your own life. No experience necessary, only curiosity … and a lack of innocence.

Join Van Tonder in creating an explorative and safe environment in which you can experience your subtle perceptions of the elder you are and have the space and permission to enter the mystery of this archetype and love it! 

She adds, “Your innermost nature does not turn back, but strides forth in wisdom, dignity and character. The extraordinary riches of images of you is essential to the foundation of the force of character in the later years. Your body, even if coming apart, intimately knows what it is doing.”

All those who desire a deepening of this vastly important role of elder-hood, as depth of significance is often all that is needed to make this evolution blossom, are welcome on this journey.

The Act-Your-Age seminar, facilitated by Van Tonder, will run at the Dance Space, Newtown Johannesburg from October 24 – 26.

Dates and times:

October 24:       18h00 – 21h00

October 25:       14h00 – 18h00

October 26:       0 9h30 – 17h00

The fee is R900 per person and is strictly for 45+agers only. Please note: admission to the seminar will require signing up and payment in full before the commencement date.

To sign up and for further information please contact Tossie van Tonder (Nobonke) atNobonke@mweb.co.za or 083 254 4669.

Act-Your-Age  – We should fund what nourishes older years: companionship, freedom, all the arts, nature, silence, service, simplicity and safety. Old age must have its gods. – James Hillman

About Tossie van Tonder

Tossie Van Tonder aka Nobonke, born in 1955, is a critically acclaimed and respected South African pioneer and mentor in dance theatre and performance. As dancer she spans philosophy, science and art and as a clinical psychologist, gender scholar and eco-philosopher she delves into identity formation and ecological issues with deep-rooted value-dissecting excursions. 

“…dance at the edge of dance…”

My African Heart, is Van Tonder’s first book. An intensely personal and poetic South African story, it is told as an intimate conversation between mother and unborn child and depicts the inner world of the best of being South African, inclusive of a relational depth at the end of the Age of Apartheid.

“A jewel in South African literature.”

As dancer-storyteller Van Tonder also explores the challenges of our time through profound creativity and innovation. Parenthood, ecological thought, leadership, life skills and elderhood are some of the themes that her work addresses in groups with organisations, public groups, of youth and adults.

“The experience you crafted for us was masterful.”

About Dance Forum

Dance Forum (an Association incorporated under Section 21, Registration Number: 2003/01/3598/08), was established in 2003 specifically to manage various developmental aspects of the professional and non-professional contemporary dance industry in South Africa, the main project being Dance Umbrella. The focus of Dance Umbrella is to provide cohesion between existing contemporary dance initiatives and to enhance opportunities for skills transfer, vocational training and the development of a culture of excellence within the industry regionally, nationally and internationally. It focuses on both development and production of new contemporary dance work on all levels to enable them to create, perform, diversify their creativity and professional skill and earn a sustainable living from being performing arts professionals.

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