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Caxton Editors Reveal Summer Trends 2015

Johannesburg, 7th October 2014: The editors of Caxton Magazines’, “Big 3” titles, Bona, Rooi Rose and Woman & Home have released their list of “What to Wear this Summer” to coincide with their bi-annual Trends editions.

“From a fashion perspective, Pop Art Prints ‘a la Andy Warhol’ are much on trend at the moment, says Bona Editor, Linda Mali. “We also see a lot of Navajo- and Tribal-inspired prints hitting the runway and making their way into stores across South Africa.”

“Neutrals are also very big this Summer as well as soft shades of pink, mint green and lemon,” continues Mali. “Formal and casual work are also great to create an edgy look by taking items typically associated with corporate wear and clashing them with street wear.”

Continuing with the theme of colour, cobalt is the break out colour of the season according to Rooi Rose editor, Martie Pansegrouw. “Cobalt is just as wearable as navy, but is a lot more vibrant than that trusty old standard. It can be worn head-to-toe or mixed with black, white or other bright colours.”

“1960’s-inspired pastels are also making a real come-back this year, with shimmering fabrics that can be accessorised with jewellery and retro-touches. Florals too are big this season and have also inspired a number of fragrances available on the market,” continues Pansegrouw.

When it comes to Beauty Trends, Woman & Home editor, Frith Thomas believes nudes, naturals and unapologetic bare-faced beauty is how women want to be seen over the warmer months.

“With the exception of graphic eyeliners, Twiggy-lashes and tangerine lips, the overall trend is to use less make-up to expose ones natural beauty,” says Thomas.

“The hair trends this season are deep-side parting, low-pony tails, messy braids and that slept-in-look, which despite its name will takes some effort to get just right,” laughs Thomas.

 For more Summer 2015 trends, pick up a copy of the October issues of Bona, Rooi Rose’ andWoman & Home now.

Caxton Magazines has grown over the last 25 years by doing things differently. From small beginnings, they are now one of the largest publication houses in South Africa.

Bona magazine is South Africa’s biggest monthly magazine, covering a diverse editorial scope and read by people in all stages of life and is available in four languages reaching three million people.

Rooi Rose is the glossy monthly magazine for the Afrikaans woman who is a modern traditionalist.

Woman & Home is the premiere magazine for the fashion and beauty conscious woman with a “brand new attitude” to life.

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