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Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

Imagine your mind having too many tabs open. There is not one subject I have dealt with where I can just close the tab.  All that is happening is that my emotional hard drive is over heating. Your screen turns blue. Sounds hot hey?  🙂

I love my Social Media Diva tab.  The diverse people I meet,  the depth of subjects I am exposed to and the satisfaction is personable when acknowledged.

It truly is an extension of self for me since I don’t wear masks well, and pretending is for those who need to fake it to convince themselves they made it. 

My gratitude to clients who keep seeking me out on a platform there are a number to choose from. Contacts who will share information because they believe you would meet a need (sometimes if only your own!) and friendships freely given and received. Many,  many sincere,  good people in this world even if at times you look around and it appears Halloween all year round!
Thankful to those who see the value lies in who I am, and what I do with it. You adapt to your clients needs / wants but your core needs to remain intact or the world will swallow you whole. No chewing,  gargle or spitting.

Oh God knows there has been times I have wanted to smother my dear husband as like most of us normal folk,  he can be a pain in the ass. 

However in the man’s defence, in reality I am a loud,  opinionated,  probably not medicated enough individual with a temper to match.  Act first.  Think later.  That said,  one quality I am very proud of is that if I believe I have wronged anyone,  I apologise.  Without prejudice if it pleases the court.

After googling (my doctor would want to shoot me now) my husbands diagnosis of Bell’s Palsy on Saturday,  I have read accounts of full recovery and tales of sorrow. Everyone is different. Everyone has a story to tell. I do pray for divine intervention and that he will be completely healed. It is a stressful time.  His headache on the affected side is not moving and causing us both concern. 

When that screen turned blue and asked me to continue on safe mode, with my husband connected to drips and an ECG I knew that I did not want to loose him.  He had to be okay. I love him very much.

As for me,  I am generally in good health desbite the Fibromyalgia and Ankolysing Spondylitis nonsense.  I have a bit of an annoying iron deficiency which isn’t responding to meds,  so the medical profession does not yet know what my body has against iron.  The main draw back is that I am incredibly tired.  Physically.  Even taking it easy,  actually getting up is met with exhaustion. Let’s just say I have been trying to do grocery shopping since last week Thursday…. It is now Wednesday.

Banting is going well.  Husband joined me three weeks ago.  He has had no Coke (the drinking kind) since, so I am very HUGELY proud of him.  In am going into my 5th month now.  I am even baking bread,  chocolate mousse and crust less quiche so it has awaken the cooking person I have tried to keep in a tower.  No Prince for that Rapunzel but banting has freed her. 

We need a spa DAY or a weekend in the country. #justsaying

Many exciting projects happening.  Keep up with my Twitter and Facebook.  🙂

I have no desire to be Jonah in the fish with a candle. I would have chosen the flying magic carpet in Aladin.  Much more windswept and exotic. So climb up…  We have a world to see,  people to meet and whips to crack.

I wish you enough,

PS. My main aim is to go and buy groceries today.  That would be like an achievement right?  🙂

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