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As I was doing my thing in the world of wild life in the Kruger National Park, I asked blogger, fellow tweeter and general good guy, Lloyd to cover the Premier of “Leading Lady” (which opens in cinemas today) for me. I love the song “Soutwater” by @BokvanBlerkReal from the movie. Check it out!

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Leading Lady tells the story of a Jodi Rutherford (played by Katie McGrath), a British school teacher, who travels to the little town of Brandfort in the Free State in South Africa to prepare for a role in an upcoming movie about the heroine Johanna Willemse. Little did she know that she would end up on a journey of self-discovery after a South African farmer by the name of Kobus Willemse (played by Bok van Blerk) picks her up after her first experience in town in a South African taxi.

After leaving an uncomfortable London and her movie producer boyfriend, Daniel Taylor (played by Hollywood heartthrob Gil Bellows) and on arrival on the famous Willemse farm, Jodi is introduced to the lady of the house, Magdelena Willemse, (played by Brumilda van Rensburg). Once Magdelena finds out that Jodi is an ‘aspiring’ movie star, she is quickly roped into helping her out in arranging and directing the local annual concert held on the Willemse farm.

The Willemse family is faced with losing their farm land after the death of Kobus’s father and they are plunged into financial woes, with the only possible option is selling their farm and starting over. But with the arrival of Jodi, there is change in the air. She soon has all the colourful characters of the close-knit community working on the concert. Ranging from those typical old Afrikaner ladies with the dark tanned skin, permed hair and old school glasses to wild child, Johan Willemse (played by Eduan van Jaarsveld) and his two girls – Wilmien (played by Tina Kruger) and Katie (played by Carien Botha).


The story is one of heartbreak, heartache, love and life. The lead characters are not the only ones to find love in this story. Even though thought to be rather inappropriate an unexpected romance flares up onto the scene between Magdalena and Japie (played by Andre Stolz). But with the arrival of Kobus’s ex-fiancé, Linda van der Merwe (played by Jana Strydom) on the farm auditioning for the leading role in the concert we can expect the story to take on a whole new twist as everything is turned upside down. Will it all turn out for the best?

Leading Lady opens at local Ster Kinekor cinemas on 28 November 2014 near you and will also be screened in cinemas in the U.S. With the musical talents of Bok van Blerk, Matthew Mole and Shortstraw, the musical score is set to have you tapping your foot to the beat of some of the best local tunes. Producer and Director Duo, Henk Pretorius and Llewellyn Greeff have brought to South Africa a local film which has some of the highest international standards. In my opinion this is the film that is going to change the way that the world looks at the South African film industry. The standard has been set.

It has long been that there has been a South African film that has grabbed my attention as much as this one. With such a wide variety of amazing local and international talent, one can only expect a quality movie with a good story line and good acting. We attended the South African premiere of the Leading Lady at Cedar Square Ster Kinekor with an event that was flowing with excitement and even a few of the local celebs made it out to join the cast for the first screening of the film. This is not your usual local movie which we are used to seeing on our screens. There is a new approach and with this great story line, it is a must see for everyone. I would highly recommend going to see this on the big screen.

So get on down to a Ster Kinekor cinema on Friday the 28th of November and make it a great start to the weekend!

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