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20 bits about my day.

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

1. I saw my friend Vicky today.  We have been friends since I was 12. She is here for a very short visit from the States where she now lives. The wonder of you Victoria Plum.


2. I had a drinking Yoghurt for the first time in my life. It was the fancy type I can’t afford to buy and it was so yum.
3. Together with @Theatre_Culture my dream for the #OurDorothy initiative reached far beyond my expectations. VERY exciting and happy news. Thank you for a great partnership @NCTParktown and all the places of safety for children.
4. I cried for I received news that made me sad.
5. Moved the house around again. Something is clearly bugging me.
6. I came up with real awesome concepts for clients in the middle of the night / morning because I didn’t sleep.  Not a  hour.
7. I loved having Victoria with me.
8. Being very good at using my Herbal Skin products,  morning and evening.  The fresh smells and the look of my skin after a week bowled me over.
9. I was invited to join two ladies I admire for lunch on Friday.
10. I love the rain. 


I wish you enough

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