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Beautiful morning! @FATC_SA #fatcflash @capephototour @CapeCanopyTour

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

2015 has been classified as interesting so far indeed.

It is a beautiful day! Raining (which I love). Not hot.  Winner!

Gorgeous husband @SirNoid has slipped a disc in his back resulting in a four hour visit to ER for a consultation,  x rays etc on Sunday. Doctor wanted to admit him but agreed all they could do for him was give stronger meds. Since Africa is not for sussies,  darling came home after being on a lovely Pethadine drip,  then anti inflammatory meds and I think there was a third something. He is currently not mobile and is not to be a hero as it may result in surgery. (I really hope not)

I attended a really interactive and inspirational media briefing for The Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative yesterday.  It is truly amazing how powerful the arts can be.  #fatcflash is an initiative to reconnect communities,  speak about real issues within our cities but also ourselves.  The dance performances highlighted for me how we all link together and a chain reaction forms. Corporates collaborating with art,  branching to media.  Stunning symbolism.

In other domestic news I attempted to make almond butter biscuits.  Giant #fail! Will have to try again.

I have awesome pictures of the Cape Town Photo Tour we did and I want to tell you more about the Cape Canopy Tour… Hope I still get there today! It is long overdue and both so thrilling…!

I wish you enough
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2 responses to “Beautiful morning! @FATC_SA #fatcflash @capephototour @CapeCanopyTour”

  1. The biscuits were awesome.

    I really liked them despite them being a little soft 🙂


    1. You are too funny honey…. and very kind. They were a sticky mess! Better luck next time. Hey its the first time in 7 years I attempted to bake a biscuit. 🙂


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