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The 11th season of @IdolsSA might feature a drag queen @ShenayOBrien !

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

After reading this article in The Citizen, I knew I had to chat to my friend Shenay and hear all about the Idols experience! 1-shenay

Shenay, firstly thank you for making time for a Wench in your seriously busy schedule. Entering Idols Pop! It is fantastic that I can say ‘Hey I went to @Sterkinekor’s #girlfriendsgetaway with that girl and she was at my birthday party… and now she is winning golden tickets!’  

I am very proud of you for auditioning and facing the wrath of all who do not believe in fairies and glitter. I bet the other contestants were jealous of you rocking those killer heels!

I know that you love performing. Besides your talent, what do you hope to share with the greater public?

Shenay:  Being able to perform is such a blessing and a privilege and to share my talent with others – I couldn’t ask for anything more. But I want to show the public, that no matter how different you are, its more than okay, and just to be you IS enough! 🙂

When did you first put on a dress and feel the power of pouting lips? Was it frustrating or liberating?

Shenay: WOW, uhm … I think when I was still a in Primary School. I didn’t really understand “why I was different” and to be boxed and conditioned by society what THEY WANT you to be, and not what YOU WANT to be was extremely frustrating! But my first empowering moment came in 2009 – when someone approached me and said: “You have GUTS, and I admire you for that”. I was on cloud 9. It was then that I knew that I have the power to inspire others and to perform and enjoy what I do, whilst being able to help others is simply, remarkable! 🙂

A few quick questions just for fun!

1.    Song that cheers you right up?

Shenay: At the moment it has to be Ellie Goulding: Love me like you Do.

2.    Favourite movie and why?

Shenay: Saving Mr.Banks. Emma Thompson is phenomenal and again its the story of of hope , trust and taking risks!

3.    Mr Grey or Mr Darcy? Shenay: Neither! Haha Ooooohhhhhhh but definitely James Franco!

4.  Is there anything you would absolutely not eat?

Shenay: Mopanie Worms and Tripe!!

5. Do you share that feeling at the end of the day when you take your bra off and it is like “Sigh! Yes! Freedom!” … or is it just me?

Shenay: Oh YES! I think all woman do that at the end of the day, unless you are wearing Victoria Secret, then its a Hell-to-the-NO!!

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Wishing you enough for all those dreams to come true and as you always say “glitter kisses!

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