#CrazyLoveJHB with @NocturnalWenchy @BuzPR & @MarketTheatre

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

I would invite you to join us tomorrow evening, Tuesday 24 March 2015 for a special evening of Social Media buz around Crazy In Love using #CrazyLoveJHB as your guide. We are thrilled to be invited to participate in getting crazy in love!

Joburg – get ready to go CRAZY IN LOVE

Powerful, passionate and desperate – after winning over the festival fringe circuit in South Africa and abroad, the multiple award-winning production CRAZY IN LOVE hits Jozi.

 CRAZY IN LOVE is the tragicomic story of a father-daughter search for a missing bride and mother. Devised and performed by the inspirational pairing of Andrew Buckland and Liezl de Kock, CRAZY IN LOVE is presented by A Conspiracy of Clowns in association with the Market Theatre, under the direction of Rob Murray, with design by Jayne Batzofin.

When the independent and free-spirited Leon (Buckland) is abandoned at the altar by his bride to be, he is left literally holding the baby. From his grief comes a solemn resolve: to travel the country with his infant daughter, Ginny (De Kock), until he finds his lost love and pieces his family back together. His quest quickly becomes an obsession, and at each town they don’t find her, he tattoos that town name on his skin. It is now fifteen years later. Ginny is coming of age and starting to realise the desire to achieve her own independence, while Leon has retreated into alcoholism and despair – his body a roadmap of tattoos. As their individual obsessions spiral out of control, and they become lost in their own personal routines and mythologies, a massive shift in their relationship is imminent – if they have the courage and conviction to break out of their own cycles. Continue reading “#CrazyLoveJHB with @NocturnalWenchy @BuzPR & @MarketTheatre”

The gentleman of Queens. Pieter-Dirk Uys #UysEish @TannieEvita @Monte_Theatre @EvitaSePerron @BuzPR


Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

You cannot afford to miss the latest offering from Pieter-Dirk Uys,  An Audience With Pieter-Dirk Uys Eish! #UysEish ! The marvelous @Monte_Theatre was packed, I would have sat on the floor if I had to, it was that awesome… and the audience was superb.

I’m a huge fan of this brilliant man,  without whom Theatre, South Africa and those that protest without violence would be poorer for sure.

The laughter at ourselves done so effortlessly,  the past never sugar coated  and the future always one to believe in.

Off course Tannie Evita was also there my skat!

A legend at work.  OUR LEGEND.

On stage until April 12th, 2015. One of his BEST!

I wish you koeksisters,
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He’s still dead. #SexyWench


Dear Timmy,

This year I thought I had it down you know. I was just gonna be. The day would just pass. Chill.

Yeah,  you right.  I’ve never chilled.  Okay maybe that night we drank too much and sang “Amazing Grace”.  Remember that?  You,  me,  Bee… She died too. Yes… cancer. I made a point of not noting the date. Her daughter was 11. Knowing my history, you can imagine how my soul felt. You know I drive myself crazy with stuff like that. Being 11 when my father died.

I miss her very much…and you, and my father and my grandparents.  It’s like chunks of me that got torn off. It did not grow back.  Empty holes.

Anyway,  I never cared much for St Patrick’s Day… but you kinda made sure I cannot forget the day you left. You didn’t say goodbye you know.  How could you hey? Not like death gives one a small reminder…. a nudge… a warning.

16 years. It’s feels like you are a distant memory and other times I swear I still feel you here. Cheering me on. Like you right here. In a good way,  not in a “I see dead people kinda way”. No Holy water just yet!

We will be 42 this year.  The meaning of life you said.  Well, I will be. 42 that is.  You will always be 25. No meaning of life for you. Forever young.  Very James Dean, en so ….and I? I will probably see you in a crowd for the rest of my life. 

“Death has no sting” se gat.

Forget it.

PS.  The dolphins are not ruling the world yet and I eat pizza with my hands now.  You’ll be so proud.

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@67Blankets Liam James #LivingTheLegacy : @Carolyn_Steyn


Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

When I decided I wanted to raise my kids to be who they want to be, I had no idea how absolutely painful and heartsore this will be at times. 

Perhaps we think our kids will share our values and ideals,  strive for the things we find important and worthwhile… but if I be honest, I knew Liam James was never going to be a “cream and two lumps of sugar please” kinda gentleman.

Many of my readers know my turbulent struggles and victories with Liam James over many years.  My blue eyed wonder with storms abundant. I love and worry about him constantly.

He lives out “in the deep South” by his own request. (My parents are in Henley on Klip at least) He has been doing odd jobs and to his credit asks for nothing. His way of living is foreign to me and difficult to understand but… a more pure heart you will not find.  He always believes the best in people and I have seen him take his shoes off and give to another.

I can’t crochet but I tried to teach Lee to knit the night before the #KnitMob.  Liam James never developed a dominant side in his brain so he does some things left handed, and some right handed.  He tried really hard, but I failed him as a very mediocre teacher.

Lee was with me a couple of weeks ago and did the @67Blankets #KnitMob at @Gautrain station in Sandton with @Carolyn_Steyn, celebrities and #KnitWits. (It was Liam James’s first Gautrain ride btw).

He recruited,  chatted,  sat on the floor,  explained the concept –  he really gave what he could that morning. I was so proud of him.  Nobody there knows our past and the obstacles he had overcome.

He went back home the following day.  He spoke allot about how small ideas can become big things.  He was truly touched at the inspiration of what @67Blankets can do for real people,  especially the elderly and small children “cause it is not their fault Mom”.  As it often happens, I drove away with a heavy heart.

Unexpectedly I received a message from him tonight.  “Mommy,  We have done more than 30 squares that you need to come fetch and please bring us some wool.  We are quickly running out of wool.  Can you please still come this week Mom? It’s important.”

I cried. It *IS* important my boy and you are right,  it isn’t their fault…. and people who think like you Liam James, keep the legacy of Madiba magic alive.

I wish you enough wool,

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To Superman…. With love.


Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

The boy born from my heart got married today. All grown up.

Today he is Emma’s husband and father to Emma’s little girl,  Abi.  No more sitting on the roof to find silence I guess boytjie. 🙂

It was a pleasure and privilege to love Superman and be part of his growing up.  I could count on him in every situation. He made endless cups of tea,  provided much laughter and gave lots of hugs. Kyle fixed things around the house,  was always loving and supportive. 

My favourite times if I think about it, was when Kyle would do his ‘cool down walk’ with me, while for me it was my ‘this hill is going to kill me’ walk.  He would encourage me, make me laugh and we would talk about every subject under the sun.  I will always treasure those memories.

I feel a huge range of emotions, but overwhelmingly I wish Kyle and Emma much happiness as they embark on their journey as a married couple.  I trust Kyle will love,  honour and cherish Emma and Abi. I hope Abi will never hear the word ‘step’ father and will always know she can count on Kyle. I hope Emma will love and support Kyle every day of their lives and that they will have much laughter together. 

I wish you both much joy, an abundance of love, understanding, friendship, endless patience and huge happiness with plenty wealth thrown in for good measure!

With love,


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