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To Superman…. With love.


Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

The boy born from my heart got married today. All grown up.

Today he is Emma’s husband and father to Emma’s little girl,  Abi.  No more sitting on the roof to find silence I guess boytjie. 🙂

It was a pleasure and privilege to love Superman and be part of his growing up.  I could count on him in every situation. He made endless cups of tea,  provided much laughter and gave lots of hugs. Kyle fixed things around the house,  was always loving and supportive. 

My favourite times if I think about it, was when Kyle would do his ‘cool down walk’ with me, while for me it was my ‘this hill is going to kill me’ walk.  He would encourage me, make me laugh and we would talk about every subject under the sun.  I will always treasure those memories.

I feel a huge range of emotions, but overwhelmingly I wish Kyle and Emma much happiness as they embark on their journey as a married couple.  I trust Kyle will love,  honour and cherish Emma and Abi. I hope Abi will never hear the word ‘step’ father and will always know she can count on Kyle. I hope Emma will love and support Kyle every day of their lives and that they will have much laughter together. 

I wish you both much joy, an abundance of love, understanding, friendship, endless patience and huge happiness with plenty wealth thrown in for good measure!

With love,


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3 responses to “To Superman…. With love.”

  1. Congratulations to them! Such a great young man


  2. Such a beautiful post!


  3. Congratulations!


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