My thoughts on Phobias and the genocide taking place in South Africa

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Growing up in South Africa, I was always reminded by those around me that I was different to everyone else. In primary school, I had a much darker complexion than I do now, and super white teeth – the telling marks of a foreigner that betray you even when you put on your best English accent. It is just too obvious.

My name is Lovelyn Chidinma Nwadeyi. I am a Nigerian. Born in Nigeria to two Nigerian parents. Raised in Queenstown, Eastern Cape by those same Nigerian parents right up until I completed my Bachelors at Stellenbosch. I bear citizenship of both worlds. I speak fluent Xhosa, Igbo, Afrikaans and English. I can make sense of Tswana and Sotho. I enjoy a good braai, I love vetkoeks, especially the bunny-chow, I can’t get enough of Bokomo WeetBix, I love Ouma’s rusks and I can pull off my panstulas with…

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I went to the woods.

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,


Yesterday I stood at the Union  Building in Pretoria amongst many people gathered in our 67 Blankets Guinness World Record attempt.  I was blessed to be near the front and looked up at Tata Madiba’s statue.

The noise of the crowd filtered away and all I comprehended was standing in the shadow of this man I so admired. More than liberation,  this man chose to live a life of forgiveness,  tolerance and understanding.

Last night I attended a vigil at Constitutional Hill near Hillbrow in remembrance of the horrific state our land is in.  As Africa danced and sang as we do in times of abundant sadness or joy, I was reminded of our vibrance and resilience. I left encouraged.

This morning I find myself unexpectedly at Hyde Park shopping centre as I had to return a faulty appliance.  With every fibre of my soul I crave silence.  Tranquillity.  In my urban jungle I found myself heading for the forest.  A place of peace.  Silence.  Escape. I sat on the floor between the books and breathed deeply before heading back into the noise of life.

Where do you escape to?

I wish you enough,

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It’s a #Wenchytude thing…

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

I have found my wording (some slightly altered) about visiting my home,  drinking my coffee and eating my biscuits in so many places online. In one sense it is kinda flattering,  in another… EISH.

Is really cool that all these bloggers quoted me, but not so cool when I’m not credited. We all know I have narcissistic tendencies dammit.

Ok, in their defense,  they may have no idea as to the origin…and to be referred to as  ‘ – Unknown’ would annoy me more.  😁

I wrote those particular lines after listening to a Billy Connolly skid.  He spoke about the sea and that we had no business being in there! We don’t belong there! It’s their home….! So we can’t truly complain if we get eaten.

In my beautiful mind it linked to readers not leaving comments on my blog, but visiting (reading my blog) and not thanking me for my coffee (writing) but eating my now banting friendly biscuits.

Just like I use the words ‘not proper’ and ‘beige’… oh … and the word ‘fanTy’ in there for good measure… A reminder of a little one boy,  Connor who loved Aunty Stel and who made the world alive with his descriptions of it.

I wish you enough words to tell your story and if you quote mine,  be fanTy, and proper. Never beige and credit my writing.


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It’s a girl! Que lindeza!

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

18 years ago, I became an aunt for the first time when my very brave sister, Rentia gave natural birth (while her heart was failing) to her only child and my precious niece, Tayla-Jade Alexandra. I am honoured that I was chosen to be her Godmother, a role I take very seriously.

1-Tayla and Aunty Stel

Here is a picture of Tayla-Jade and I, about 12 hours after she was born. 

Our Tay has experienced a multitude of disappointments, rejection, love, acceptance, abundant joy, sadness, excitement, blessings but regardless of her circumstances, Tayla-Jade never stops smiling, encouraging and loving. Her sincerity travels way beyond her years, her wisdom lies far deeper than the rock she is in many lives. You cannot help but be touched, and changed because of her.

If ever we received a gift, it was Rentia who put herself second, and delivered a perfect little girl… and if ever a little girl came into this world with the the most gorgeous wrapping, it is my niece.

My love for you is overwhelming. My respect overflowing. My adoration bigger than all the onions in the world (Oh she knows what I mean… smile…). I love you Tay. I am thankful you were born, I celebrate that you were knitted together in your mom’s womb and I thank God for the example you are to many, including your Aunty Stel.


I wish you great peace on your 18th birthday. I wish you strength, as your character shines through the missing I know you are experiencing. I give thanks to all who invest in you in all manners and especially to Oupie and Oumie who has so selflessly stepped in and kept you on the path I believe you were destined to walk. I am excited that you have found a great, blessed love in your Jean. I wish you His peace.

In our family it is tradition for the Godmother to buy the godchild’s wedding dress so I hope the godchild will be waiting quite some time, or is happy with a very short dress cause her godmother can only afford very little material right now. 

So proud of you gorgeous.

Aunty Stel. xxx

Yes…. we have some Portuguese heritage we mostly only display at Lusito Land in the South of Jo’burg annually. 🙂 So, here is the translation.

Que lindeza! – What prettiness!

“The Spice of Life!” – My @Tripadvisor review of @DCTours_za cc @CombrinkD

5 of 5 stars

Darren from DC Tours hosted my husband and three teenagers for a day of wine tasting at Backsberg (“Backsberg has been chosen as one of the Top 100 Wineries of the Year by Wine & Spirits Magazine in New York“) and all the flavours of relaxation at the introduction of The Spice Route (” … a sensory feast for today’s connoisseurs of craftsmanship and authenticity”) in Paarl.

Darren communicated clearly and accurately before our trip, making sure he understood our needs, giving tips and ideas, as well as on the day which included updates on expected weather conditions.

He is a knowledgeable guide, easy to engage with and one felt totally at ease (an excellent attribute when you are essentially spending hours with a ‘stranger’!) with his friendly and consistent manner.

Our tour bus was spotless, air-conditioned, soft but suitable music, had free wi-fi and one is able to charge your phone “on wheels” so remember your USB cable. We were offered bottled water and biscuits (which the children just about finished!) after our first stop Being a true gentleman, Darren opened the doors for the ladies especially. (Love that!)

We were absolutely impressed with Darren calm and patient manner with three (moody at times) teenagers, one adult who spoke non stop (me) and a husband who needed to smoke, eat, taste wine and attack on “Clash of Clans” all at once!

It is clear that Darren is passionate about his profession and the enjoyment and satisfaction of his clients are at the very height of how he measures his success.

We look forward to exploring more places with Darren as our guide to the best the Cape has to offer!!

(As posted on Tripadvisor)

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Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated and this is my honest review of the service experienced.