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How goes it with your soul? #Wenchytude


My dear friends and other interesting creatures, 

There has been so many thoughts swirling around in my head and heart that I have been hesitant to put them to paper, or rather send out to 25 000 followers. 

In my world of #InstaEverything it is quite a quirk to hang back, feel the thought, have it tagged and float into the clouds and not click share… immediately.

There is an introspection happening to my very core and one filled with change,  blossoming,  uncomfortable but much needed growth, stretching of limits with petals of comfort softly raining down. An awareness of self and honouring that which both flow to, and from me.

Expect some changes in the coming months as I unlock the puzzle presented. I will share the pieces as I unpack and link each piece to the next. 

How goes it with your soul?

I wish you enough, 


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One response to “How goes it with your soul? #Wenchytude”

  1. That’s a beautiful picture. It is going well with my soul! I’m enjoying the long weekend and catching up on much needed rest

    Happy Easter (if you celebrate)


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