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I can’t “Forget it”…


My friend,

I visited your “last resting place” today.  The things us humans do to hold on,  in order to let go.

I sat on a cold concrete slab,  the wind blowing in my hair,  watching the waves fall into each other and roll onto the beach. Much like our friendship came to be.

There was a small chill in the air… proof that you are not here.  You provided shelter and warmth in so many beautiful ways.

I feel the sand,  somehow believing your ashes have clung to the grains, your spirit blowing in the wind…. but in my heart, 16 years later I know you are as close or as far as I allow my heart to go.

I saw your face,  your wild,  long hair playing in the wind,  your loving,  smiling eyes as the sun plays on the water. It’s beautiful here.  I can see why you loved it.

I gathered a few stones and shells to remember you till we meet again,  and then threw one stone back in the sea to remind you of me.  I hope the rocks will continue to shape and form me with growth with a nudge from you.

I hear your Mom is in poor health,  unfortunately I was not allowed to see her today. I am sure she is in good care.

I wish you sunsets in beautiful vibrant colours and promising light as the sun rises every morning ….and then “Forget it…” but remember I love you,  as I know you did me.


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2 responses to “I can’t “Forget it”…”

  1. Glad I could take you to visit your friend


  2. Beautiful, thanks for sharing


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