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It’s a girl! Que lindeza!

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

18 years ago, I became an aunt for the first time when my very brave sister, Rentia gave natural birth (while her heart was failing) to her only child and my precious niece, Tayla-Jade Alexandra. I am honoured that I was chosen to be her Godmother, a role I take very seriously.

1-Tayla and Aunty Stel

Here is a picture of Tayla-Jade and I, about 12 hours after she was born. 

Our Tay has experienced a multitude of disappointments, rejection, love, acceptance, abundant joy, sadness, excitement, blessings but regardless of her circumstances, Tayla-Jade never stops smiling, encouraging and loving. Her sincerity travels way beyond her years, her wisdom lies far deeper than the rock she is in many lives. You cannot help but be touched, and changed because of her.

If ever we received a gift, it was Rentia who put herself second, and delivered a perfect little girl… and if ever a little girl came into this world with the the most gorgeous wrapping, it is my niece.

My love for you is overwhelming. My respect overflowing. My adoration bigger than all the onions in the world (Oh she knows what I mean… smile…). I love you Tay. I am thankful you were born, I celebrate that you were knitted together in your mom’s womb and I thank God for the example you are to many, including your Aunty Stel.


I wish you great peace on your 18th birthday. I wish you strength, as your character shines through the missing I know you are experiencing. I give thanks to all who invest in you in all manners and especially to Oupie and Oumie who has so selflessly stepped in and kept you on the path I believe you were destined to walk. I am excited that you have found a great, blessed love in your Jean. I wish you His peace.

In our family it is tradition for the Godmother to buy the godchild’s wedding dress so I hope the godchild will be waiting quite some time, or is happy with a very short dress cause her godmother can only afford very little material right now. 

So proud of you gorgeous.

Aunty Stel. xxx

Yes…. we have some Portuguese heritage we mostly only display at Lusito Land in the South of Jo’burg annually. 🙂 So, here is the translation.

Que lindeza! – What prettiness!

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