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It’s a #Wenchytude thing…

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

I have found my wording (some slightly altered) about visiting my home,  drinking my coffee and eating my biscuits in so many places online. In one sense it is kinda flattering,  in another… EISH.

Is really cool that all these bloggers quoted me, but not so cool when I’m not credited. We all know I have narcissistic tendencies dammit.

Ok, in their defense,  they may have no idea as to the origin…and to be referred to as  ‘ – Unknown’ would annoy me more.  😁

I wrote those particular lines after listening to a Billy Connolly skid.  He spoke about the sea and that we had no business being in there! We don’t belong there! It’s their home….! So we can’t truly complain if we get eaten.

In my beautiful mind it linked to readers not leaving comments on my blog, but visiting (reading my blog) and not thanking me for my coffee (writing) but eating my now banting friendly biscuits.

Just like I use the words ‘not proper’ and ‘beige’… oh … and the word ‘fanTy’ in there for good measure… A reminder of a little one boy,  Connor who loved Aunty Stel and who made the world alive with his descriptions of it.

I wish you enough words to tell your story and if you quote mine,  be fanTy, and proper. Never beige and credit my writing.


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4 responses to “It’s a #Wenchytude thing…”

  1. Not proper or Fanty of them…..


  2. Not Proper or Fanty of them Wenchy!!!


  3. That’s not nic! Also sometimes people actually don’t realize the need to give credit


  4. Fuckwits I dare say…


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