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I went to the woods.

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,


Yesterday I stood at the Union  Building in Pretoria amongst many people gathered in our 67 Blankets Guinness World Record attempt.  I was blessed to be near the front and looked up at Tata Madiba’s statue.

The noise of the crowd filtered away and all I comprehended was standing in the shadow of this man I so admired. More than liberation,  this man chose to live a life of forgiveness,  tolerance and understanding.

Last night I attended a vigil at Constitutional Hill near Hillbrow in remembrance of the horrific state our land is in.  As Africa danced and sang as we do in times of abundant sadness or joy, I was reminded of our vibrance and resilience. I left encouraged.

This morning I find myself unexpectedly at Hyde Park shopping centre as I had to return a faulty appliance.  With every fibre of my soul I crave silence.  Tranquillity.  In my urban jungle I found myself heading for the forest.  A place of peace.  Silence.  Escape. I sat on the floor between the books and breathed deeply before heading back into the noise of life.

Where do you escape to?

I wish you enough,

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  1. Beautiful moving message.

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