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My thoughts on Phobias and the genocide taking place in South Africa

An absolutely thought provoking and emotive blog. A must read.

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Growing up in South Africa, I was always reminded by those around me that I was different to everyone else. In primary school, I had a much darker complexion than I do now, and super white teeth – the telling marks of a foreigner that betray you even when you put on your best English accent. It is just too obvious.

My name is Lovelyn Chidinma Nwadeyi. I am a Nigerian. Born in Nigeria to two Nigerian parents. Raised in Queenstown, Eastern Cape by those same Nigerian parents right up until I completed my Bachelors at Stellenbosch. I bear citizenship of both worlds. I speak fluent Xhosa, Igbo, Afrikaans and English. I can make sense of Tswana and Sotho. I enjoy a good braai, I love vetkoeks, especially the bunny-chow, I can’t get enough of Bokomo WeetBix, I love Ouma’s rusks and I can pull off my panstulas with…

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1 thought on “My thoughts on Phobias and the genocide taking place in South Africa”

  1. Couldn’t have been better said! And it is so sad that the media and the government and many people find a justification for it and call it so many names but what it is. As a foreigner living in SA I know how difficult it is to integrate. Killing someone because they are trying to make a living and provide a better life for themselves and their families is not acceptable no matter how one tries to gloss over it or make it look not too bad! It is bad. Deal with the real problem. When you start to think one person or a group of persons are responsible for the issues you have, you still have a long way to go!!! SAD SAD SAD


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