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It’s a shock!

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

I visited Ultimate Hair today for our regular colour adventure. I love Judy and we have a great time during my visits.  Lots of laughter,  chatting and discussion.

I have been thinking about playing around with my hair colour a bit (more) and Judy is always up for the craziness I come up with. I’ve been colouring my hair since I was 14. I’ve been every shade of red, black and violet… I once had some blonde streaks but I’ve never gone lighter.  Maybe today?

My family is all rather dark of complexion.  Brown eyes and darker shades of brown and black hair.  My Oupa Mike use to say blonde hair and people with a light complexion looks washed out to him, not much substance. I wonder if someone of that description had let him down,  or if dark hair was just his preference… (like my husband)?

The Ambre look is currently very hot.  I have seen it done looking spectacular, but also shockingly… So in my adventure leading up to my visit,  Pinterest and I became very close!

One look that I entertained was going grey, also trendy right now… My regrowth is 100% grey and maintenance on dark hair can be taxing. So, I was thinking “Oh Shirley!” Shall I embrace thy grey? I’ve been loving the dark with the purple mixed in, but again the contrast of the regrowth is irritating. My hair grows fast, so every two weeks, we back to grey.

Judy listened to all my ideas and pictures. We agreed that bleaching my hair excessively in one sitting, as you need almost white hair for the grey to take properly, would not be sexy as the condition of my hair would be severely compromised. As we are in a long-term relationship, we decided on a plan of action.

Judy did a bleach bath on my hair to strip the colour. This sounds much sexier than it is. Where the hair was previously bleached for the purple bits, the bleach removed the colour. Where my hair was predominantly a dark colour, it naturally went orange as expected, leaving me a delightful Strawberry Blonde!


To lighten your hair the tint or bleach has to either remove (bleach) or cover (tint) those pigments which are darker than the target shade. Black is the first pigment to be removed or covered, assuming it is present in the hair, then brown, red and yellow in that order. If your hair has come out orange then not all of the red pigment has been removed or colored.


From the lack of positive responses on Twitter and Facebook, I can tell you that nobody loved me as a Strawberry Blonde. Don’t worry neither did I. I posted the pictures and left it at that. We had a good chuckle as to the lack of responses from my usual busy social media platforms!

I messaged my husband a picture who said he is not coming home and is taking up residence in his car as he does not want a #instaginger wife. (My husband likes my hair dark, short also works for him.) My son Liam James said to please shave my head. I did have a good giggle.

As the future vision is grey purple, no more tint was applied, but instead a purple strainer which naturally fades to grey. I’ve noticed over the past few months that the fade starts from the bottom so hey, I’ll be rocking the Ambre look by default.

A rich treatment was applied to assist in repairing the damage which follows when bleaching hair. I sat under the dryer, like an old lady. Haven’t done that dryer thing in forever. Btw, the old ladies who speak really loud when they sit under there are not necessarily deaf. You seriously can’t hear very well from there!

Finally, the purple strainer was washed off, hair blow dried and I left rocking the purple! It is going to take some time to get all the red pigment out, have the grey grow out more gracefully and stained with the purple… have no fear, while embracing the grey with a side kick of awesome!!


Thank you Judy for a job well done with #purplelove. @SirNoid it is safe to return home and Liam James I won’t be shaving my head. Mammie you can breathe now! 🙂

I wish you enough colour to keep you shocking in the face of beauty!

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PS. I used the exact same setting on Retrica for the #instatginger and the #purplelove pictures.

5 responses to “It’s a shock!”

  1. So glad you are not #ginger.

    Missing you Wenchy


  2. Looks great! I am contemplating the grey because well, that is my natural hair colour – but the hubby has assured me that I will then be seen for his mother


  3. Thank goodness you didn’t go blond!!! Ek het geworry dammit


  4. Ag dankie tog dis nie blond nie!


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