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42 you said?


Dear Tim,

I’ve told you before.  The thing with death is,  I have no new pictures of you.  So I had to improvise a little.

As I have been preparing for my Grahamstown festival trip next month,  I could not help but think of you.  Do you remember?

You were in school uniform. Matric blazer. I was sitting on the steps of the church on the square in Grahamstown. I went to a private school so no uniform.  I remember I was wearing a very stretched out purple jersey and brown leather shoes I had bought at the festival.

(Remains the most expensive shoes I’ve ever owned. Haha! I would much rather buy books. I had no idea at the time how much purple was still to follow.)

The sun was setting.

You came and sat next to me. I had never seen you before. You sat,  silently.  I remember being intrigued. You walked up,  asked if you could join me and sat down. No words. Minutes passed. I turned my face and looked at you. Eventually you turned to me and said, “It is not everyone you can have a comfortable silence with.” I smiled.

We chatted for a bit about where we were from and what we have seen at the festival. I don’t know how long we spoke for but it was suddenly dark when your school chaperone called you. My friends came to tell me it’s time to meet for supper almost at the same moment.

We did not exchange any contact details. As you got up you said that if the universe wants we will meet again. I laughed with a “good luck with that” kinda feeling. You smiled.

We had gotten up and as you walked away,  you turned and said  “Do you know what the meaning of life is?” I probably looked as silly as I felt and said “No”.

You smiled and said “42”.

I had no idea what you were on about, which I confessed when we did meet up again, as the universe allowed, years later.

It is our 42nd birthday this coming week.  Saturday. I will be 42 years old. You will forever be, 25.

Btw, I think the universe has a sense of occasion. My accommodation reservation arrived via email.  Room 42.

I will look for you, on the steps, at the church on the square.

Stop the clocks,

PS.  Thank’s again for the nickname.  Wenchy stuck.  🙂

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9 responses to “42 you said?”

  1. Enslien Erasmus avatar
    Enslien Erasmus

    This had me crying all the tears! As always! #lifeisshort #livewithpurposeandpassion

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    1. Love you my beautiful friend xxxx


  2. What a lovely post. Thanks for recently stopping by.

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  3. Love this post. Thanks for stopping by recently!

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  4. I really enjoyed reading your blog, I stumbled on it after reading a restaurant review on zomato. Thank you.

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    1. Wow! Thank you so very much to me. I truly appreciate every visitor and comment.


      1. Houghton Medi Spa avatar
        Houghton Medi Spa

        Please look at my business link. I think there may be some synergy..



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  5. Reblogged this on The Nocturnal Wenchy and commented:

    Dear friends, family and other interesting creatures,

    Some bonds cannot be broken. Not even in death.

    It may be 17 years since Tim died, but I had a very real sense of him yesterday. I could not understand why he lingered yesterday. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. Usually I am able to pin point an emotional from him, a smile, a look in his eye – yesterday I just felt him here.

    He always visits, sitting on the right hand side of the bed, regardless of venue. Before he died, we had never even been in a bedroom together before.

    Seeing Tim isn’t scary or creepy. It can be both comforting and heary breaking. Sometimes I smile, other times I feel renewed grief.

    I am not big on “speaking to the dead”, or “crossing over”. I’m merely relating that somehow Tim keeps contact. Often followed up the next day or two in a quote or a song, an item that was of value only to us.

    Have you ever experienced anything like this?

    I wish you enough,


  6. I miss you Timmy. 💜


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