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#14forever with much gratitude!

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

This past week has been one of constant birthday celebrations. I must admit I love a birthday. It doesn’t even have to be mine!

I am tremendously thankful to have been blessed with wonderful family and friends who have made turning 42, an absolute privilege.

I truly did not expect gifts as I did not hint or ask for any.  Hence, I was totally surprised that my husband actually went out by his own self and bought me my favourite perfume “Angel”!  It meant so much to me that he did that. His schedule is extremely congested so this is huge. Thank you sooooo very much! I love and appreciate everything you do.

Great surprise at a catered dinner party (with chef, serving waitress,  beautiful food,  Portuguese champagne for my heritage –  the works!). Purple cupcakes.  A tea party with my Mammie, a Thai lunch, platters and cupcakes with my family in Durban, brunch, waffles, lamb knuckle pie and lemon meringue on separate occasiond in the Midlands Meander.

Belgium chocolates… Oh wow! Lots of chocolate for me to eat… (Which movie is that from?)

I had such an amazing extra long weekend with my youngest sister,  her husband and my nephews who hosted my husband and I in their beautiful home. Everything was done to make us comfortable and happy.

More than anything,  I got to know them as individuals and as a family better and I regret not looking for my baby sister sooner in my life.  This family has gone through tremendous trauma after a horrific car accident that left my very successful brother in law paralysed and in a wheelchair in his 30’s.  There is so much we can all learn from them. I’m in awe of the strength of this family unit.

I am leaving with a heavy heart. xxx

Over 500 messages on Twitter,  Facebook,  Wattsapp, BBM, SMS and the two phone calls I actually answered. (I detest speaking on the phone. Anyone who knows me would never take it personally.)

Sincerely thankful for all the love,  wishes and so many things you all did to add to celebrating my happy happy #birthday #June13th #14forever!

I wish you enough,

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2 responses to “#14forever with much gratitude!”

  1. Glad you had a great time! Happy BDay!!


  2. So many celebrations! And you deserve every single one.


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