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A bit of fun… old chap.

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

A bit of random fun before I head to Victoria’s 16th birthday celebration!!

1 Hair down or up? Up in summer, highly dependant on mood in winter.

2 Jeans or yogas? Jeans mostly but I seriously have no issue going shopping in my PJ’s. Once you have purple hair, or any other obscure issue people can focus on, they tend to just focus on the one thing. Home free darling!

3 Painted or non-painted nails? Matching colour nail polish on my fingers and toes. Usually a shade a purple.

4 Favourite color? Purple.

5 T-shirt or dress shirt? T-shirt. I don’t like to wear collared shirts. Makes me feel like I’m the one being dominated and I don’t know the safe word. 

6 Flip flops or sneakers? Flip flops. Love me a flip flop. Have to show off that pedicure.

7 Big purse or small? Medium size that I can hang across my body so my hands are free. I need my hands to talk, touch things, do my lipstick, arms to hug people. Very touchy (more so if you give good hugs).

8 Tattoos? I have been inked 26 times so far. I have a personal goal to achieve before I do the next one which will be to celebrate my love for my daughter, born from my heart, Kyla.

9 Piercings? Only my ears. Three on my left, two at the bottom on the right with one on the top.

10 Diamonds or pearls? As I got older… diamonds.

11 Favourite animal? Giraffes.

12 Favourite food? Anything I didn’t have to cook? Rare steak is a winner. Fine Dining.

13 Rap or country music? Country music. Yeah, yeah!

14 Height? 1.65m

15 Sports or Couch? At school I loved playing sports. I don’t mourn when I don’t watch of game of whatever and I can’t say the couch truly appeals to me either. Theatre? Coffee shop watching people can be a sport. I play that.

It would be great if you could swipe my answers, and leave yours in the comment section. – Yay!!

I wish you a onesie!!

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3 responses to “A bit of fun… old chap.”

  1. Love your answer to number 5 😂


  2. […] am I telling you this? Well because I was reading it yesterday and saw her awesome article – A bit of fun…old chap and just had to part take as I love answering these kinds of questions and thought that her post […]


  3. 1 Hair down or up? As the curls are back to haunt me, up.

    2 Jeans or yogas? Jeans jeans and more jeans. I don’t own yogas as that implies exercising and I don’t like people pointing and laughing saying “yeah right”.

    3 Painted or non-painted nails? I only paint my toe nails as I don’t like colour on my hands.

    4 Favourite color? White.

    5 T-shirt or dress shirt? Dress shirts. T-shirts will only be worn together with a Wonderbra.

    6 Flip flops or sneakers? Heels darling. Heels.

    7 Big purse or small? Medium as I don’t carry my whole world with me.

    8 Tattoos? I have two and need more.

    9 Piercings? Ears and belly ring.

    10 Diamonds or pearls? Diamonds.

    11 Favourite animal? My cat.

    12 Favourite food? Bread. Any kind of bread but not garlic. The smell is very unsexy.

    13 Rap or country music? Country music.

    14 Height? 1.74m

    15 Sports or Couch? Pointing and laughing is a sport, right?


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