Why we marry men for their nice thighs. Oh and patience.


SirNoid beautifully styled in his birthday PJ’s cuddling my cat,  LadyCayte.

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

My laptop screen said cheers… Immediately after I had moved all my mail to the pst folders (my mail sync with my phone and the mailbox was full).  I also downloaded all the pics off my phone from my #DiscoverMcGregor trip and my #NAF2015 adventures to my laptop.

Great, I can’t access email older than this afternoon, as it is stored locally on the laptop. I have invites I have accepted but not put into my electronic calendar yet. So I don’t know what I’ve accepted for when. Posduif?

No we don’t have a spare screen. I can borrow you a random child though? We cover most age groups.

To SirNoid’s credit he did handle my dysfunctional, “Oh holy shit!” moment quite well. The loud Portuguese side of me never let’s me down. Bat shit crazy Wenchy.

SirNoid said we will somehow sort it out. Very calm. Everything I was not feeling. He is good like that.  Making things happen.  Me…  Mmmmm. See why I have a strength coach?  More about Johan soon! Two sessions and I’m already realising how to focus on my strengths and not my weaknesses.  Bat shit crazy may be a weakness.  Will let you know.

Huge thanks to SirNoid who recognised my need to soar and manage my….  weaknesses is such a strong word! 🙂

Really do not need this expense right now. Like not at all. Victoria is turning 16 dammit!

I wish you enough,


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To Sir, With love.


From a cold and slightly misty Grahamstown just before 2am ….

I want to wish my husband, friend,  lover, provider, cheerleader, nurse, protector, taxi driver, perfume buyer, tea making, shoulder dancing, brilliant, sexy, funny, generous, coffee drinking, tattooed, road less travelled exploring, Herman Charles Bosman story telling, awesome dad to our kids, guard of my pain levels, hard working, DSTV controlling, perfect rare steak chef, lover of ice, Cheetah supporting, #ClashOfClans leading, South Africa loving, man with awesome thighs, shouting at the TV person,  who will never walk alone…


Love you!
Your dear wife

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Missing you comes in waves. Tonight I’m drowning.


My liefste Oupa Mike,

Sometimes I am consumed by overwhelming joy, just because of how you loved me. Sometimes I see Frisco coffee or Turkish Delight and am able to smile in gratitude and remembrance. Other times objects, sounds and memories is a raw, open wound.

To you I had no faults. If there were, you would make light of them as if such things could never taint me. I was beautiful, funny, talented and you always reminded me how proud you are of me. I never truly felt I deserved your praise…. but I loved bathing in your reflection of me.

Tonight the years since we lost you to death feels like decades. I want to bury my face in your chest,  cry and you would stroke my hair and kiss my forehead. I miss you intensely. I hope my life brings you some pride…. and a bit of a brag. 🙂

The only thing worse than my own heartache is seeing my Mammie in so much emotional pain.  I envy Mammie for she had you longer, but her ache for you leaves me breathless. I feel helpless.

I hope my impact on people when I leave this reality will be as profound.  I would have achieved much, if I touched people the way you did.

Baie lief vir Oupa….en dankie.
Stel x