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Glum … to every day glam!

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

I have always wanted dramatic,  long, fluttering “damsel in distress meet drag queen” eye lashes.

Maybe it’s all those years of tap dancing that is shining through in my middle age? Liza Minnelli eyes. Yes I know. Such a wallflower I am. Who would have thought?

I’ve experimented with the stick on with glue strips (DIY of beauty, false eye lashes) for different events. While I quite fancied the Kardashian collection, I quickly realised I’m totally out of my league.

I do not have a steady grip as the Ankolysing Spondylitis has not been kind to my hands. (Soon I’ll be my own Halloween outfit hahaha! Oh such truth in jest…)  Besides that,  DIY is so not me!


I met up with gorgeous Bailey (how pretty is this girl!?) who is the Owner / Beautician of Glam Lashes last week.

I purposefully did not apply any products to my face that morning as I had read that is the proper thing to do. I looked most unattractive but thankfully Bailey is a professional! I do however own a mirror… so well done on not running.

Bailey specialises in eye lash extensions in the comfort of your own home. She travels in a radius from Randburg to Bedfordview, in the Johannesburg area with her “pop up salon”.

I was impressed with her professionalism in setting up a suitable time, answering many questions, confirming our appointment, arriving on time and loved chatting to her while she did her magic. She is very particular about cleanliness and hygiene which I was happy to see. Bailey let me lead the conversation as to not be intrusive, a skill I greatly admire.

She used a mink lash product called, “The Lash Collection” as it is lighter on the eye lid and more durable. She also does brow shaping and colouring on request.

I obviously Googled the topic extensively….and here are her answers to some of my many questions.

There are various ways to apply lashes to meet “the look” every individual is looking for. So yes,  you can have a more natural look. We can’t all be Liza!

Each lash is placed individually.

A full set of top lashes takes approximately 90 minutes to apply. She recommended only doing the top lid as one does not want to look like an owl. Not even a tap dancing owl.

A new set of lashes will last 2 – 3 weeks before a fill would be necessary as your eye lashes replaces itself in cycles every 30 – 60 days. (I did not know that.)

There is a specific eye lash cleanser to use daily. Bailey is very diligent about hygiene and went over the do and don’t details thoroughly.

You no longer need to apply mascara which is a winner for me. While I may enjoy looking proper on occasion, I do not have a great make-up skill set.

Oil based products need to be kept away from your new lashes.

I took a “before” and “after” pic of my lashes… as well as a picture after I had done my make-up. Cosmetics are such a blessing! (I was so happy with this picture.  No filter or anything.)

A couple days later,  I am VERY pleased with the results….very Cabaret!  🙂


I wish you enough,

4 responses to “Glum … to every day glam!”

  1. Looks great, I have been wondering about doing this. As with my Brows my Lashes are almost non existent.


  2. Your sign off motto is so right: Enough is plenty !!! Cheers !


  3. Jackie Katzen avatar
    Jackie Katzen

    looks so stunning and natural


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