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From the footlights: Exclusive Media Ticket & CD Giveaway!!

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

I am startled when I look at my journey since I left the corporate world officially at the beginning of 2013. Almost every aspect of my life has changed! Not necessarily because I wanted it to, but sometimes life just spins the wheel and we move. I am filled with wonder, gratitude and an illegal amount of absolute joy as that wheel is not always kind.

We are all very thankful that at I am still married to @SirNoid. The man may not always understand my reasons, but he gets my rhymes. (Special congrats to those who picked up on the John Denver antidote.) Also, I have not adopted any more cats or children! You can all relax.

To be fair, landing in the world of social media you may add disillusionment, questioning your faith upon seeing a non Chinese cat eat a very normal looking dog… a sort of belly of the underworld of the human race… alas, least we forget how much pain and pleasure it takes to finally send out the clowns, hey Wabbit?

I honestly miss my corporate salary LOTS, HUGE, an occasional bonus, paid leave … parking on the purple level next to Jamie, my dear friends (especially Mercia), my McDreamy boss whose office I would decorate in glitter on his birthday or any other celebration I could come up with…. Die Grafsteen Sangers (my nickname for Actuarial staff – silent like the grave of nuns who had taken a vow of silence… except me!)… but mostly I miss a steady, reasonable income. #LeSigh The show must go on!

You feel the tension as the curtain lifts, hear the artist hit the note, feel the audience sway, captivated as the story unfolds. Every pause, engaged. Every note, deliberate. It’s a dance I cannot sit and only tap my foot. I have to dance!

I have been blessed with exceptional opportunities, met exquisite personalities and FINALLY there is an environment where there could never be too much glitter! Yay!

I’ve surrounded myself with creatures with excess in mind. Oh happy day! Okay, except for blue eye shadow. One must not be ridiculous as one easily looks like a second round in a bar fight with too much blue eye shadow! Stadig oor die klippe met die blue eye shadow.

Blessed in rainbows of purple glitter, I was invited to the release of Jonathan Roxmouth’s latest CD “From The Footlights”. It was a very classy affair I must tell you. Jonathan was just at the end of performing the show “Stage By Stage” in Johannesburg, which I thoroughly enjoyed, when a very special weekend run of “From The Footlights” was announced.

I admit, my head and heart was in conflict…. Hilton Festival or an opportunity to experience an 18-piece Broadway big band, under the baton of award-winning conductor and arranger, Bryan Schimmel, with Jonathan Roxmouth and friends singing Broadway …. (All of which l have now mastered brilliantly inferior in my car, to my daughter Victoria’s annoyance.)

Imagine the always dashing, winner of many awards and yes, always the lead in every musical, the talented Mr. Roxmouth on the Montecasino Teatro stage… joined by the talented Afrikaans recording artist, Nádine (who btw is even prettier in real life and thinner… the world is not fair children… ); actress, singer and musician, Lindiwe Bungane; TV, stage and movie actress with a splash of comedy, Tracey Lee Oliver; and actor, singer and recording artist (a teddy bear after my own heart), Harry Sideropoulos. It is an unbelievable amount of talent on one stage. Did I mention an 18-piece Broadway big band?

But what is a production, especially as sophisticated as this, without direction? From my heart, with best wishes and tremendous respect: “From The Footlights” is director by my friend, Weslee Lauder! I adore him on so many levels. Sincerity being at the top of my list.

Jonathan & Wenchy

This profuction awakens and touches so many parts of me, that I am very happy to be able to share the love.

I’m absolutely thrilled to be giving away two tickets to the exclusive media preview of “From the Footlights” this Thursday evening 17 September 2015 at Montecasino at 8pm. To top it all off, a signed copy of Jonathan Roxmouth’s latest CD will be included.

Please leave your details in the comment section and the winner of the two preview Media tickets and a signed copy of “From The Footlights” will be announced on Wednesday morning.

Tickets are on sale at Computicket for performances from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.

From The Footlights, I wish you enough!



8 responses to “From the footlights: Exclusive Media Ticket & CD Giveaway!!”

  1. Lesca 0827723594. I would love the tickets xx

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  2. Charmain Botha avatar
    Charmain Botha

    Charmaine Botha

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  3. Pick me, pick me pretty pretty please Wenchy – Saskia 0823722901

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  4. 0823865002 grant – Love the talent here !!!!!!

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  5. Samantha Jacobs avatar
    Samantha Jacobs

    Samantha 0813203505 or 🙂 (adore your writing by the way, always keeps me entertained xx)

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  6. I would love to win these tickets to treat my mamma! Her name is Helen and her email

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  7. Ooohhhhh I would love to go!

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  8. I’m in Cape Town but it looks fun!


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