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If I should fall behind, wait for me.

Happy Anniversary to my darling husband! The man with the thighs.

@SirNoid made from huge patience, a quick temper to match my own, tremendous dedication, huge love and passion for the girl who has her head in the clouds and her feet on a yellow brick road… sprinkled with purple fairy dust. Not always practical, never conventional and needs the challenge only testosterone provides.
I appreciate all you do for us (today I am only writing about you and I… no kids), everything you give me from your heart, the haka on a beach, to helicopter flips over Victoria Falls, ice cream in winter, and flying me up the Drakensberg as you had wanted to exchange vows there…. where we can see forever… to the daily purple glitter that completes our life together.

Thank you for believing in my dreams and doing everything you can to make them possible. I know I test your will to live some days but that is kinda what comes with loving Wenchy. 🙂 Sounds dramatic cause I’m a Diva dammit! At least life with me is never boring or predictable at. Challenging at worst.

I love your quirky self that drives me bonkers at times as you pause the TV when I’m busy watching and you fell asleep…. or have to attack on #ClashOfClans midst serious discussion…. but having to look at every rock, hill or cloud formation during road l trips may be the iceberg! Ha!

I love your shoulder dance and your 3am we up calls. I love how you tell me everything on your heart as you get ready for work. I love that you eat my very mmm….. interesting concoctions and try really hard to sleep with the fan on.

You are very funny with jokes that I think you can’t wait for an opportunity to tell. You are considerate in bringing me a purple blanket when I’m cold or make coffee when the kettle is empty. You always bring me something when you travel and you try to understand my low days while the relief on my up days is celebrated.

You work 14 hour days / nights to make sure we are okay. I appreciate the excess you put into your branch with loyalty and purpose. I do not think your company, nor those who report to you, know how much extra you do for them. When I do my rounds as the bosses wife, I am incredibly proud of you. We have come so far.

Nobody but you and I know how much we have endured and overcome. I credit you as the one never to give up. Especially not on our relationship.

Besides this you are obviously a total pain in the neck, literally. 🙂

When I’m sore and you can do nothing to fix it, the desperate look on your face speaks volumes…you ask why the medicine doesn’t work when you work so hard to provide it…and neither of us has an answer. It is perhaps then, when your true vulnerability shows which you attempt to hide so well.

I may not be your first love, but I suspect you kept the best for last.

Loves you Coach…. and thank you. Happy Anniversary!

PS. I remind you of this part of our ceremony:

“With this ring, I give you my promise
that from this day forward
you shall not walk alone. 
I have no greater gift to give. 
May my heart be your shelter
and my arms be your home.”

8 responses to “If I should fall behind, wait for me.”

  1. Thank you for those lovely words Babes.

    You get me!

    And I have you.
    Love always.

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  2. Congratulations on your anniversary. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post.


  3. Beautiful to see the love you have for each other! I love the quote from your vows, really special. Happy anniversary!


  4. Beautiful to see the love you have for each other! Love the quote from your vows, so special. Happy anniversary!


  5. a special post, Wenchy…


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  7. Love you Baby

    Happy Anniversary


  8. Happy “Meetaversary” for yesterday my love


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