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Jokes about menstrual cycles are not funny. Period.

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

Seriously.  When can this period thing end now? I’m really toooo old for this crap.

My lovely gynaecologist replied that I could easily have four more kids. Did he forget he already delivered a fair amount of children from my womb?  Or that I am 42 and the meaning of life hasn’t arrived? (I may have resentment issues about that) Awesome “in shape reproductive system” I have…. besides that so far, while my kids are loved more than they will ever understand, I’ve happen to have passed on some really awesome genetic illnesses. Besides that I do not want to raise a baby all over again. I have zero patience. If the baby could stay a baby baby size for a very long time… that would be super cool! Love tiny babies.

Telling you, my forefathers were kick ass Portuguese pirates who ate delicate French cuisine until a great,  great,  great grandfather Kruger found the coloured help enticing (our family tree branch – a lot!). The Bible does speak about “the sins of the fathers to the 3rd and 4th generations…“… I am sure these sins were diverse and they probably thought they were having a great time. We love Ankylosing Spondylitis and the depression / anxiety combo is a great treat guys.


Please take my writing with a pinch of salt,  I’m well aware of repentance … yet I hope one day God will explain to me why some believers suffer so greatly.

Also, my friends will know this post does not make light of infertility at all. That is a different kind of hell all together. One I was obviously not strong enough to handle. There is a special heaven in my heart for moms who have difficulty with conception, or give up their babies for adoption and adoptive parents.

I wish you enough,


One response to “Jokes about menstrual cycles are not funny. Period.”

  1. Thanks for that mention. In fact it gives me hope maybe at 41 there’s still a chance for me. 🙂


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