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Me and Godfrey and the friend who died.

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

My very first internet friend I made was almost two decades ago, Belinda Norman. She lived in Cape Town and we bonded immediately.  For years to come we would e-mail our excitement and heartaches through life events,  our laughter and our tears. We met up in person a number of times.

Initially we did the Bar-Bee & Wenchy show on ###SouthAfrica on Internet Relay Chat. Our humour was one and we fed off each other.  I can honestly say that our times together was always filled with laughter,  even during sad times.

Over a year ago,  Bee died. I remember the initial tests and her saying it’s probably nothing. Bee was a year or two older than me and we are too young to die…  Tra-la-la! I hate cancer.

Over the months that followed we have all continued to post on Belinda’s Facebook wall.  I saw Godfrey Johnson had left a message too.  I had seen him with my friend Wilhelm at a show with Pieter-Dirk Uys,  “Bambi” and wondered how he knew Bee. I sent him a message and it turns out Belinda and Godfrey are related.

A couple months ago,  we literally bumped into each other in the local Mall. Turns out Godfrey had relocated to Johannesburg and lived across the road from me.

Being in the arts, we had interests and people in common…. besides sometimes Godfrey’s facial expressions would so remind me of my friend. So reassuring. It felt like I could close my bubble around Bee because Godfrey knew her too and understood.  I felt relieved, I didn’t hurt alone.

For the past couple of months we have met in the mall numerous times,  later changing it to “quick” visits at my home which is never quick. 🙂 

I’ve been able to introduce Godfrey to some people and places he didn’t already know, and he in turn introduced me to his fiancé and bits of theatre knowledge I lacked. He connected with my kids and my husband. Together, we just work.

I am very grateful.


My dearest Godfrey,

So superbly talented you are.  Last night at @LALT_JHB I could feel the audience rise and fall with your interpretation and arrangement of music. Your pause and your humour.

I listened to the soft voices singing along around me and again was astounded by how a performer connects and draws an audience into the world created for them. 

You were so,  so,  so very beautiful to me.  Thank you for your friendship,  love,  humour and the platform to be real and never judging.

It has been a treat having you nearby and getting to know you and darling Nicholas. 

…. my Love to the fish!

I wish you enough,

2 responses to “Me and Godfrey and the friend who died.”

  1. Hi Wenchy. Your post moved me to tears. Life is so fleeting and time so precious. Belinda most definitely had a hand in connecting you and Godfrey. Warm regards, Fred.


  2. I concur with your thought of Godfrey at #LALT on Saturday night. So absolutely beautiful. I was transformed and mesmorised by his tunes. Thank you for sharing that experience with me.



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