Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

Long ago,  in a land far away where the sky were less blue and colours were faded, Fridays were hell.

There was a small family living in a pretty house with a little pool and green grass. It seemed peaceful and kind, but on Fridays the colours ran down the walls into the earth. The grass started dying.

A young mom would hold her breathe while smiling to her children assuring them that all was well in the land far away on Fridays.

The mom was naive and held on in hope of change. Hope never visited the land far away with faded colours.

The brown bottle would come on Fridays. It ate colours and stole hope.  It broke promises and told lies. It was not a magical brown bottle. It only did what it’s master instructed.  It showed no mercy to the mom and her children.

For many years the mom lived in fear of Fridays. It stopped her heart by lunchtime as she waited and wished against hope for colour to return.

The colour never came. Only dread.

One day in the land far away with faded colours, the mom decided that her children deserved to see colour,  the smell of the earth after rain and sunshine. It was a difficult and painful choice.

She left Fridays


I wish you enough,

Posted from the galaxy of Samsung from the second cloud on your left.

Author: WεηchƔ

In September 1997, “The Nocturnal Wenchy” started her blog. The blog remains painfully real but these days she is more of an intermittent Blogger! 😉

10 thoughts on “Friday.”

  1. Kort maar baie kragtig!!!!
    I trust that you have lots more colour in your life now, not only on Fridays, but everyday if the week!!!!


    1. Leaving was the best decision of my life. The day of my divorce the happiest day in my life. I choose the colours from that day on.


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