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Paint your picture blue and grey.

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,


It’s 3am.

While desperately trying to slow dance with the moon,  it is not meeting my gaze long enough for me to choose the song. There is no dancing me to the end of love.

Elusive urban skies. The same urban jungle that bring me a strange comfort, has the ability to swallow me whole … but alas I shall not go quietly into this dark night.

My body is betraying me as I rise and fall with the raw,  prolonged pain running from the soles of my feet to my neck. 

Lingering like a lovers touch in the small of my back,  slowly drawing me in. I close my eyes for we have played this game before. I know how this plays out.

Meeting in the middle of my shoulder blades a sharp, stabbing pain reminds me love is not always patient, nor kind. While this lover of mine is faithful, it does not forgive any trespasses.

A tear falls to my cheek without truly making the entrance the emotion demands. There is no applause. My lover does not kiss my forehead,  yet it makes believable promises of forever.

In the dark of night, I have often found the light in my soul. Not tonight, Josephine.

Pain dances across my every nerve while I desperately await the medication to lead my loyal and besotted lover, exit stage left.

Till the next performance.

I wish you… enough,

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6 responses to “Paint your picture blue and grey.”

  1. ah Wenchy… I’m so sorry you are in all this pain. But you wrote about it beautifully.


  2. Sending you many gentle hugs my darling Wenchy.


  3. Reblogged this on The Nocturnal Wenchy and commented:

    Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

    I posted this exactly a year ago, and wanted to share it with you again as it reminds me how important writing is to me. Not stats, not the correct hashtag, but real and raw – me.

    I wish you enough,


  4. Love you Wenchy

    Your courage and determination every day dealing with this ever present partner is admirable and inspirational.

    As you know anything your other lover can do to help, even just holding your hand, is always available.

    I will walk with you through all the days no bad or good they are.


  5. Beautifully, poetically and poignantly written. I feel it too xx


  6. 💜💛💜💛


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