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To all the carbs I loved before…

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

One backstreet boy lost, one more to go… 🙂 18 months…. longer than I have ever kept to any way of eating.

When it reaches seven years I can say it lasted longer than any of my marriages… #justsaying I’m living in hope however #SirNoidForTheWin !

I review restaurants, travel destinations, movies, theater productions, products and books. By it’s very social nature, I attend a fair amount of events with flare and extravagance! Beautifully decorated settings, decadent food, exquisite drinks and exclusive venues.

It is exciting, fun and one can easily get distracted by all that glitter, that is not gold. It can be a total passion killer to my low carb, high fat (LCHF or banting) way of eating. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

(Strawberry Daiquiri being my down fall! Champagne don’t hurt... )

I have guidelines which I try to stick to, without being a pain to my hosts. I’m not dead. Life is for the living! If I was more disciplined, I probably could have dropped that back street boy by now, but I prefer to think that the longer it takes, to better chance I have of those boys never finding me again!

Unless I am at a cocktail party where servers walk around with trays, most restaurants are very willing to adapt their serving to what my needs are, or I go with the flow. I’m not always a Diva… #surprise!

In my own time, I enjoy visiting Fresh Earth (Wins hands down on banting friendly ice cream!!) and Grain and Wood  (THE best banting brownies EVER!!!).  Two restaurants that are banting friendly as well as offering gluten free and vegetarian dishes.

Generally home is a “fun free” zone (in the kitchen) with little to lead one astray.  I’ve been more relaxed this past December with grown up kids visiting like a bus terminal.

At my advanced age of 42 you do want to encourage your children to visit, even using bribery.

* Sugar and carbs definitely increases Fibromyalgia flair ups.

* I refuse to make anyone toast as the smell itself makes me high. I. Can’t. Deal.

* I have not bought one potato or a packet of rice in the past 18 months. I do buy sugar for visitors and there is bread in the freezer, should my assistant feel she must have a slice. I know I would personally not settle for a slice of freezer bread. If I was going to eat bread, it would have to be awesome!

* I buy full fat everything. Yoghurt, milk, cheese etc.

* The most difficult item for me to give up on a daily basis is a Caffè Latte.

* Because I’m rather large, it took a long time for anyone to notice that I am smaller. Don’t let that put you off. You didn’t get fat overnight, you are not going to be Cindy Crawford by noon.

* I have less Fibromyalgia and Ankolysing Spondylitis pain banting . Losing weight is a wonderful side effect.

* This way of eating has had zero effect on my Bi-polar and Generalised Anxiety Disorder. Yes, I have been asked this question.

* I don’t see anything I eat as cheating, but more as personal sabotage. If I eat a restaurant portion carbs, I can guarantee, I will be in pain with stomach cramps later. So, do you want to eat this, or be in pain?

Sometimes I still eat the cake and suffer the pain.

* I have decided not to weigh myself this year. I’m already battling with this!!

* After three months of banting, my sugar was normal, my cholesterol and blood pressure too. I use to take meds for all of those conditions. 18 months later, it is all still normal. That’s probably where my normality ends.

* I’ve remained anemic (pre and post banting) and even after iron drips, my body does not seem to hold onto iron. Doctors have not been able to figure out WHY.

* I eat plenty spinach, cauliflower, eggs, chicken, pork, cheese, cream, bacon and mushrooms. Strawberries with whipped cream when in season, is fabulous! From time to time I will bake some egg muffins or banting bread, but not very often.

* I detest bullet proof coffee.

* I’m often asked if I take any special supplements. I take Moringa as the packaging promises I will receive all the nutrients I’m suppose to have. I’ve read it is suppose to part the Dead Sea or something, it is that powerful, but I can’t say I’m walking on water, but one never knows. I also take Magnesium tablets, more to help with Fibromyalgia side effects than anything else. Brain fog is a bastard.

* I’m a huge fan of The Real Meal Revolution, I love Raising Superheroes (!!) and the Lose It magazine… and no, I have no affiliation besides admiration for Prof Tim Noakes and Jonno Proudfoot. Oh I also have the 2016 planner. Very brand loyal I am.

* I use Xylitol as a sugar substitute. I don’t use much, so it lasts a long time.

* At present I have no exercise program and am quite happy when I’m able to walk downstairs without assistance. December was a difficult month health wise and on many other levels.

* I have no set meal plan. My own self could never deal with that. It reminds me of my first marriage and I need zero reminders of that nonsense.

* I do drink plenty of water because that is what I have always done. My Mammie Yvonne says I am a camel. I do not do it as a dietary requirement. Many banting sites will tell you to only drink water when you are thirsty. I’d say still drink the six to eight glasses at least.

* Yes, the drinks on a banting lifestyle is boring. I agree.

More FAQ about Banting:

Whatever you do, learn, read and keep your mind thinking. You can work out for yourself that eating a bowl of grapes, a fruit with a high fructose level, is probably not low in sugar. Trust yourself and when you don’t, ask a friend. Not a fat one. 

I tried to cover the questions I am asked most often, if I didn’t answer yours, leave me a comment on my blog and I’ll answer it for you with pleasure, privately if you prefer. x

I do share recipes, tips etc of my Facebook page:  Nocturnal Wenchy  I encourage you to LIKE my page. That would make me happy.

I wish you enough,


15 responses to “To all the carbs I loved before…”

  1. Way to go Wenchy! You’re looking fabulous Darling! Keep it up!
    And PS, the drinks on banting include wine…. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Baie, baie dankie


  2. You have written so much of what I have been thinking- and the one thing I can’t even imagine doing without is my caffe Latte… But the Fibromyalgia is driving me nuts… So….maybe…


    1. Fibro is driving me nuts at the moment also.


  3. Christel, like always you have a way with words. I can see and experience the journey with you by reading this update. Well done!


    1. Every time you write Christel I wonder what I have done wrong LOL


  4. Have you ever considered trying weed oil for the Fibromyalgia and anxiety disorder?


    1. Yes. Neither with success.


  5. About to start banting toooooo. Great read. Thanks!


  6. Nanette O'Raw avatar
    Nanette O’Raw

    I have been diabetic for more than two years; I have been eating LCHF for two months now and my BS numbers have never been this low. The fact that I have lost 6kg is a bonus. I just wish I’d found this was of eating years ago. I use a FB page called Reversing Diabetes, and their advice is good.


  7. OnSabbaticalinSandton avatar

    I have been doing diets/ studying diets/ comparing diets etc since my first trip to Weigh Less at age 9 so I love to click on weight loss stories of all types. (I happen to believe that Banting is probably healthier in the long run for fewer people than the number of people in SA currently eating like that, but that is merely an aside & just my opinion, nothing more). Firstly, I wanted to say that I really admire you for taking control of your life and your health, in whichever way you find works well and sustainably for you with great results. (If that sounds patronising in any way, then I didn’t say it right). Your pictures say it all. Secondly, I love the way you wrote this post. You hit the perfect note, I loved reading it. It made me chuckle. Many times over. Best of luck getting rid of that next bad boy! Look forward to the pics.


  8. I battled with anemia for ever. I also had the iron drip, more supplements than one person should and ate every iron saturated food stuff. The only way I absorbed a little iron was eating red meat which as a vegetarian was disturbing. I have since discovered that I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and I take natural desiccated thyroid for my treatment. Since I have started that I have NO anemia issues. Nothing. I used to crave ice nonstop. Not one craving. I get the thyroid med called Thyroid S from a homeopath. I did not cope well with the chemical thyroid treatments.


    1. Thank you so much. The Doctor ordered thyroid tests which I couldn’t understand why, which makes more sense now. Thank you Olivia. I have missed you!!!!


    2. PS. I drink water like I’m a never ending fountain….. my sugar, cholesterol etc is all normal.


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