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Parts of me, are dead to me. Very Jewish I am.

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,


I just had a phone call asking to speak to Mrs. C (my first married surname.)

I replied that she died roughly 20 years ago.

After a slight pause, the man said “So sorry to hear that.” I responded that Mrs. C was very pleased to be leaving.

Pause.”Is Mr. C still alive?” He asked. Sounding slightly rattled.

“It depends which one up are referring to?” I said with a smile in my voice.

“Mr. Kev C, Ma’am” he replied.

“Ahh, that would be my son.”

Man drops phone. Call terminated.

Guess he doesn’t want to speak to dead people?

I wish you enough,

7 responses to “Parts of me, are dead to me. Very Jewish I am.”

  1. Bwahaha! Thanks for the giggle today.

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  2. Well done mom. 👏🏻

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  3. You are awesome, Wenchy! Lmao

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  4. I just love the way that you finish your posts _ ” I wish you enough” such a beautiful sentiment.

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  5. That is absolutely classic.

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  6. I love this account 🙂

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