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The Free Electric Band

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

Life is an odd creature. There is no other way to ride but bareback. You are guaranteed to feel every vibration of the animal moving under you. One thing I guarantee, there will be music.

Sometimes a vibrant Street festival with laughter and little umbrellas in our cocktails. Babies smiling as the only humans they know tickles their feet. People laying in the sun. Some reading, some contemplating but … the blue skies feel promising. A guitar on a teenage boys lap… somewhere in the background.

Other days life is the final breathe, the dirty, rough sand between our fingers as we toss it, dust to dust, on a loved ones coffin. Indeed in that moment dismantle the sun, let the mourners come… and I hear a lonely saxophone.

The hardest of these, is when the scorching sun, meets with the dry earth pleading for water. Earth knows it is but a small piece in a very large puzzle. It doesn’t hold the answers. It too, is desperate for refreshment. There is no cloud to break over the barren earth. Yet, the music plays.

All the while, there are people dancing in the streets, on stages and in their cars. Some of us may sing in the shower. Personally I like parking garages and while shopping. With numerous tattoos, purple hair and #wenchytude lipstick, you get away with lots!

The best is finding an elderly man tap his feet as I sing “Zing! went the string of my heart”… as you wait in the grocery line. The man winks at me. I smile. “You are too young to know that song?” … “I aged well Sir. Just call me Judy.”


The bravest of us all, give it up for music, and a free electric band.

Welcome Albert Hammond to Africa. I’ve been expecting you. 🙂 See you Saturday! …. and in THAT MOMENT, I will give it all up for a free electric band.

I wish you enough,

4 responses to “The Free Electric Band”

  1. I love Albert Hammond! I put on his music on a Saturday morning and sing and dance while cleaning the house! My 9 year old just look at me as if I lost it!


    1. What a beautiful memory! 🙂


  2. I absolutely love your descriptions.


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