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You’ll Never Walk Alone

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

My first real, solid true love…. The very first anything I felt was MINE.

He never gives up on me. He will fight for me and he will fight with me. He will care for me … while sighing a lot. 🙂 He will drink vodka with me. He will play guitar and sing for me.

The first boy to hear what my heart beat sounds like from the inside.

My delight.

I wish for you to thrive where you belong. Knowing that there is an invisible creepy cord between us that can never be broken. You and me for life kid.

As you have said to me: ” You need me as much as I need you.”

You remain the sunshine of my life, grumpy ass.



Social Media Collaborator with a passion for food, beauty and leisure. Mental health advocate. ✿ Lover of laughter and intelligent conversation. ✿ #wenchytude

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