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There is no great divide.

Dear friends, family and other interesting creatures,

It’s cold. The shadow creeps deeper into the black hole of a non existent shelter. The wind has no boundary and freely flows into every available space. There is a plastic sheet picked up from a delivery bay held tightly in an effort to provide warmth.

This could be me.

This could be you.

If we be truly honest, there are many of us who live from payday to payday. Take away the lifeline of your monthly income and perhaps no family or friends willing or able to help, where do you go? There is nothing that leaves you above ending up on the street … with nothing. Nothing.

People living on the street are no different from you or I. They feel hunger, love, dislike, just like us. Woman have periods. Their digestive system did not conveniently shut down because life hit them hard. There are very real issues. All people have hopes and dreams. We all want to be loved, respected and feel we are special.

Every person born, will die. Did you aid your fellow man in his journey between the beginning and end?

I was introduced to the Twitter Blanket Drive in 2013. It was the second media event I ever attended. This year I was approached to take on the role of National Brand Ambassador.

#TBD2016 needs a boost in Johannesburg as it is well established in Cape Town.

We would be grateful if you would hop over and “like” the page and stay informed. Jozi TBD Our Twitter account is @JoziTBD. We are using the hashtag #TBD2016 nationally.

Twitter Blanket Drive was started by @MelanieMinnaar ‘s single tweet. We are all influencers. We can choose to touch the lives around us. Each one, reach one.

Please join us at 6pm tonight, 26 May 2016 for soup, song and smiles as we donate blankets. Our drop in the ocean.

This could be you. There is no great divide.


I wish you enough,

One response to “There is no great divide.”

  1. Such a worthy cause!! Can one still donate and how?


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