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Looks like we’ve made it.

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

Before I married @SirNoid ♡ I was a very enthusiastic amateur photographer. A year or so into our marriage, I became ill.

The things that was part of the tape that held me somewhat together during my divorce, and the years that followed, slowly started falling away.

I physically was unable to do many things and being a manic depressive, there were some deep dark days.

As we celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary later this month (24th – don’t forget) I am in a very different space physically and mentally.

No, life is not all rainbows and unicorns but I have received great medical care with thanks to SirNoid. While I still cannot sit behind a desk for 8 hours, I can do two hours at a push,twice a day with a long break between the two, which means I actually got out of bed right? Yeah!

I was asked to do a shoot in May of this year and I was incredibly nervous. I had not held a camera for 90 minutes in years. I did the shoot. I was happy with the majority of the shots but most importantly it woke up the photographer loving me.

I can feel the “seeking for an unusual perfect shot” slowly creeping back.

I enjoy doing couple shoots because I always hope to find that bubble of who they are, and shine it back to them.

So, who is next? 🙂

Jenny and Ezio

Wedding Edition:  11 May 2016

Captured by: @NocturnalWenchy #flipagram created using @flipagram

I wish you enough,

5 responses to “Looks like we’ve made it.”

  1. Glad you are playing with your Rebel XTI again.


  2. Oh Wenchy that is beautiful! So glad you are slowly moving to the things that talks to your creative spirit again


  3. i hope this sham of a marriage fails horribly 🙂
    oh and your photos are average, you should give up photography 🙂


  4. Very nice Wenchy.


  5. You are a shit photographer. Makes it worse when you are taking pictures of ugly whores and scum bag men. I would not allow you take take any of my pictures even if someone played me R10837392028379493. You, the fucking whore jenny and the scum bag asshole ezio can all go fuck yourselves


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