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Personally I think that there are a 100 things that I can be thankful for but here are my top 30:


1. My parents – because they show me what true love really is every single day 

2. Good hair days

3. Good health

4. My rescue cat Fluffils purring, when she gives me morning cuddles

5. Starbucks Caramel Macchiatos 

6. Wine

7. Friends I can drink wine with – any time – day or night

8. Finding a pair of stockings without a ladder in them

9. Fireplaces in Winter

10. Yellow Daffodils in the Spring

11. Silk sheets when you’ve just shaved your legs

12. Google

13. Every good book I’ve ever read

14. Cheese fondue – all kinds of cheese really

15. Music that can change my entire day – on repeat

16. Bloody Mary’s

17. When those designer shoes you’ve had your eye on for months goes on sale

18. SALES of any kind

19. A really good pillow

20. Sleeping in

21. Pizza with cream cheese and chive sauce on it

22. Patrick Mavros jewellery 

23. Zimbabwe

24. My faith

25. Travel

26. Ryan Gosling – always

27. Bach

28. A rainy day indoors

29. Homemade tomato soup

30. A relaxing bubblebath

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One response to “Laura’s World”

  1. Interesting that wine is actually number 6 and 7. 😂😂


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