2 thoughts on ““Some lead and some follow. #Wenchytude””

  1. Hi Wenchy! I just watched your video clip. I truely identify and appreciate your honesty and thoughts about being authentic and true to yourself. Every day I sit and wonder about the exact same thing – and I/we started our blog and social media ‘sharing’ for that same reason – to share with our friends, family and anyone interested what we think is fun and cool. And those who agree – fine and well and those who don’t – tough… I see too many people who are trying way too hard. And seem to have all kinds of hidden agendas – and my pet peeve, are only out to score “free stuff. I/we are having fun with all this (the blog and GPBoozyFoodie interactions) and the moment it is going to start feeling that it is “fake” and pretentious – we will move on. I am a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to the Twitterverse, and because of my short attention span all this snippets of information and other awesomeness coming my way just works for me. I have learnt so much, and have met so many interesting people in the process. It is almost like this fabulous alternate universe that I never knew existed. But I digress – as usual!! LOL!! Just wanted to thank you for your honesty – and for being so approachable and a “real person”. We haven’t talked that much in real life, but I do see you as one of the strongest and most inspirational women I know. Because you are so sure about who YOU are in this mad mad world! hugs

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