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What is a blogger? 

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

I have found it more and more difficult to align myself with the Blogging community as a whole. It has been a struggle between wanting to fit in, run with the cool kids, or my more inherent need to be recognised for who I am and my belief of what a Blogger is. Maybe I will just declare myself the cool kid.

I have never fitted into a genre and there is no niche to my writing, except that I write my truth. My personal, human experience. Joyful or destroying.

What was an online journal to many has turned into a Digital Marketing space. In my mind Blogging is personal. Marketing is selling. Makes sense?

I have endorsed products, places and people on this blog. I have never endorsed anything that is not truthful to me, but marketing on my blog is not #wenchytude. Authenticity is #wenchytude. Forgive me as wrap my mind around being both.

Is it authentic to tell you about a show I loved or the truth about a restaurant I visited or movie I saw? What products I enjoy using or which book I think you should all read?

Off course it is. I was doing this by nature long before Twitter or Facebook came to be. Before stats,  sponsored content and rate cards.

Having an online presence and being called a “Social Media Influencer” certainly has exposed me to greater experiences, people and places. I am extremely grateful and humbled.  A tad in awe when being partnered with a brand, invited to Social Media events, meeting people I admire and visit destinations I may never have enjoyed otherwise. I’ve been incredibly blessed and I am very thankful.

@SirNoid constantly reminds me that at times my wonder at it all, has left me vulnerable to my online space being exploited, that my time, effort and personal brand has worth in the digital arena.

I acknowledge that I’ve worked hard at my personal brand. Perhaps because I enjoy being the Diva,  I do not always recognise what I do, as “work”?

I will go forth believing I am one of the lucky few who get to do what they love, and love what they do. What an exciting time to be alive!

I shall grow with the changing times, while keeping it real. I still identify Blogging as being a writer at the core. For me the tipping point remains authentic content, not forced to a schedule and truthful reflection.

I shall  stake a claim at the  exclusive word, writer.

Perhaps, it is time?

I wish you enough,


9 responses to “What is a blogger? ”

  1. Oh it is and you are so 100% yourself – you are the true original blogging Diva!

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  2. You are already a writer dear!

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  3. Blog on! Of course you are the Blogging Diva
    My question always: What would Wenchy do?!

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  4. I think it is so great and important that you’re authentic and do exactly what you wanna do – And as a newbie blogger myself, I find it inspiring, so thank you! 💟


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  5. Authenticity and one walking to to their own rhythm rally inspires me

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  6. I agree it is an amazing thing to be part of and I also find it humbling. A lot of hard work yes. So keep it up!

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  7. It’s definitely time to call yourself a writer. I’ve struggled myself to use the term writer, and I still do.
    Also, you are the mother of blogging, you’ve been doing it looooong before 99% of the bloggers in this blogosphere – you are INDEED the cool one: one we all can look up to 🙂

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  8. Elsandra Gouws avatar
    Elsandra Gouws

    I love your blogs things you write about is what is happening maybe to someone I know or myself – your blogs are relaxing!

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  9. Yes just be you – that’s what we want.


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