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Rock Of Ages – #RockTheCity – Review

Dear friends and other interesting creatures, 

I love me a bit of a Barnyard evening! We usually order pizza, a bucket of ice with alcoholic beverages… and as the music flows,  we dance and sing along badly to lyrics we know well. A fun night out with friends! 

I know more than one of us was expecting an 80’s tribute show on steroids as we dressed up for “Rock Of Ages” at Gold Reef City

Well… what we got instead rocked the city! Oh, Sherri! 


Five-time Tony Award-nominated “Rock Of Ages” has toured six continents.  The Broadway production ran for 2 328 performances. Surprise!

Jaco van Rensburg for VR Theatrical, as Executive Producer hit us with his best shot as he rounded up a team of highly acclaimed theatre folk for the local production. 

The stage is lit (the Pacman throwback had us all recalling our highest scores!), the leg warmers were bright and the scene changes clever and done with over characterisation and humour. 

Easily the most energetic, sexually flawless by some,  and fittingly clumsy by others cast I have seen. Energetic Jane Fonda types with kick-ass voices, tight abs and a feeling of fun that just washed over onto the audience. 

Claire Taylor (Sherrie) is not only beautiful but her voice has a vulnerability that is touching. Very talented on so many levels. 

Josh Ansley (Drew) has this raspy, most fitting for an 80’s rockstar voice that got me from the first note. I did not watch “The Voice” so a pleasant surprise for me. I don’t know if the guitar was purple or the lighting was #Wenchytude perfect, but I adored it! 

Craig Urban (Dennis) and Zak Hendrikz (Lonny)’s energy just bounced off each other and it was hilarious, endearing and so much fun. Not bad looking guys who happen to be able to sing. So much talent, awesome performances. You looked like you were having a great time.

Andrew Webster (Stacee Jaxx) is the character to dislike in this production, but all is forgiven looking at his sculptured physique and being blown away by his vocal ability.

Neels Clasen (Hertz) and Schoeman Smit (Franz) are a perfect match and their interactions were so funny, expertly timed and again striking vocals.

Nompumelelo Mayiyane (Justice)’s voice is on another level. I would have loved to have seen more of her purely because her voice and beautiful smile gave me chills! Wow, girl!

Laughter is a huge part of the show for all the right reasons. You may be disappointed that there are not as many big, belting 80’s anthems as you may be expecting, but you quickly forget that when you realise it is not a tribute show. It is not for the prudish amongst us and if you are the type that don’t like your partner remotely looking at another, you will be miserable but only because you chose to be! Every rose has it’s thorns darling. Rock on! ♡

Special mentions :

The exceptionally talented (and thin – cow), Weslee Swain Lauder who choreographed this 17th worldwide production of “Rock Of Ages“. Wes’s stamp of camp is all over the stage in flashing lights, you can hear him counting 5-6-7-8 in throbbing glitter! What a joy! I adore you.

There are many well known, superbly talented performers expertly rocking the stage, but singer, dancer, actor, director, producer and local farmer (who loves donkey’s) – Naledi Theatre Award Winner, Zak Hendrikz owned the stage on the night for me. Having observed and enjoyed his work on various platforms over the past few years, it is my opinion that Zak is one of the most versatile multi-talented performers in our country.


I wish you enough,


* This is NOT a sponsored post. 

I receive invitations to attend a variety of productions and besides tickets, I am not remunerated in any way. 

My reviews are not influenced by anything other than my authentic experience and a large chunk of #Wenchytude. 

One response to “Rock Of Ages – #RockTheCity – Review”

  1. Absolutely loved the show!

    It was clever, enjoyable, and a great night out.

    I highly recommend it to anyone who loves a bit of theatre and good solid entertainment.


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