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Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

I just had this realisation that I need to write down.

Be it mental or physical, everything I have achieved in life, I have done with these contributing factors as part of me.

I did not get to leave my issues at home while I worked full time, raise a family and was successful. I lived a good life regardless.

Then, the plague came and gobbled me up. #fibromialgia – May 2011. Still there have been moments I have soared but also splashes of time I have crawled.

Seeing these two roads before me, the before and after the plague.

I have always got up again, and still I rise! It hasn’t been easy, but for whom is life a joyride daily – always? Nobody.

Absolutely nobody.

Our challenges may change, but who we are at the core remains the same. Perhaps it is about getting rid of the shackles. Not everything we think are true. Thankfully!

We can find our answers. We just have to ask ourselves the right questions.

I wish you enough,



2 responses to “Joyride”

  1. Yes, Yes and Yes!!!! I think the problem is usually we don’t ask the right questions or when we do ask the right questions we avoid giving the correct answers!! If only life was a joyride, how fun that would be


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