Because flapjacks… 💋

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

💓 The details are in the simplicity of what makes life so good.
💓 I eat my flapjacks plain. Nothing fancy needed.
💓 Sometimes our physical health slows us down. This is frustrating but can be both a blessing and a curse.
💓 While recovering from bronchitis, I cried through several episodes of @queereye. I expected make overs. I got so much more! Watch!
💓 I made a rocking slow cooker meal last night. Winner I am!
💓 I need more 😴 sleep or again need to adjust how I take my meds. Am too tired in the morning. Bloody hell.
💓 I bit my lip on the inside of my mouth on Sunday and everyday since then. 😳 I feel like I am walking around with a swollen face, not just lip!
💓 I coloured my hair last week and there is grey bits already. I love this mermaid hair but it demands so much of my time and effort.
💓 I need to visit @e4eleganc to fix my nails, desperately! Anxiety is unkind to beauty.

I wish you enough,



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