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Comparison is the thief if joy.

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

Scrolling through social media tonight, I felt like an absolute failure. Clearly not living my best life in my curvy girl jeans.

It FEELS like everyone on my feed is out there living their best lives in their skinny bodies, fancy clothes, beautiful homes, perfect bloody everything with ample opportunities that just seem to keep rolling in, and then there is me.

Yes, for this moment… woe is indeed me. Silence. Hear me out.

A flashing neon hashtag #blessed, highlighting that people only show what they want us to see. All this perfection.

In reality, people do not live a Pinterest life. All moments are not Instagram worthy. Each individual have their own bag full of burdens.

We all just do the best we know how at any given moment, some are just better with lighting and filters!

So this is a reminder that we all feel like we are not good enough at some point. Like we did not make the cut. We did not get chosen to be on the team. You feel me?

An even greater rolling thunder reminder not to believe all the crap you tell yourself in the dead of night.

Be real. Be raw. Hurt. Cry. Laugh. Feel joy. Admit when you feel your grip slipping. Your true tribe will remind you that you are fierce when you forget.

Slay! #Bless 😉

I wish you enough,


One response to “Comparison is the thief if joy.”

  1. You are enough!


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