Nocturnal Wenchy

African Hips Don't Lie

#5randomfacts about @NocturnalWenchy 💜

🔮 My Rheumatoid Arthritis has become quite evident in my hands. There are simple tasks I simply cannot perform without pain, or not at all. Lifting a heavy jug to pour, opening a cool drink bottle or even taking a tray out the oven. I recently had to ask @se7en_hoods to cut a burger we were sharing. I’m was convinced she thought I was being a DIVA… and I would not even blame her! 👀 I’m too young for these old people problems dammit.
🔮 I give THE BEST HUGS in all the world. I can claim that because I’ve been told so many times, by different people. 🙂 @lanaloustyle remembered me, as in who I was, from a hug I gave her years ago during a McGregor Media trip years ago, just this week. Winner, I tell you! 😉
🔮 I’m exceptionally aware of how flawed I am. Hence I do not judge. No glass house for me.
🔮 The way I love a deep jet bath may be sinful. Add bath bombs, oils and exfoliating scrubs and I’m in my own heaven.
🔮 Besides my purple hair, I get the most compliments on my skin. I’m 45 years old and apparently, I have great skin. I’ve primarily been using Clinique skincare and makeup since puberty. I have always just adjusted my skincare routine according to what needed addressing at the time. I think it helps that I consume a great amount of water daily and that I’m not a thin person … prone to wrinkles.


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Mom to many, wife to SirNoid. Lover of water, walks in the shade and all things purple.

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