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African Hips Don't Lie

Believe me.

Darling friends and other interesting creatures,

🎶 I’m currently listening to Eddie Izaard ‘s memoir “Believe Me: A Memoir of Love, Death and Jazz Chickens” on Audible.

Loving being able to “read” and drive, “read” and shop for groceries, or today when I was left alone at Truffles while everyone else went for a smoke, I popped my earphones in and got me a bit of an ear full. You gotta love it.

My eldest son, Kev introduced me to all kinds of crazy inappropriate comedians over the past decade. Usually very politically incorrect – the best type. #yassssqueen! My Kev is quick-witted, intelligent and a funny man. I’ve always been very fond of the bugger.

Bouncing between “Barney is a Dinasaur from my imagination… ” and “If it wisnae fur yer wellies” during the school run, my kids had no chance of being boring people.

Fascinating creatures they have grown up to be… who share much better than I do.

My darling children, forever ago.

Our Billy makes me feel much more windswept and exotic when dealing with anxiety. Comedy calms me. Laughter does that. You should try it. It is cheaper than my Xanax prescription.

🎶 I’m absolutely loving doing the #AfricanHipsDontLie T-shirts. I have loved the feedback. The wave of body positivity deserves a blog post of its own.

📧 :

🎶 I’ve been doing a fair amount of posting / microblogging on my Facebook page and Instagram. So, if you looking for me, go surf (only slightly different from “go fish”).

🎶 I’m loving the overcast weather with bits of rain. It is my favourite, favourite. Probably because I do not have to drive in it, much.

🎶 The boy who made me the GREATest Aunt in all the world, Jaxon is turning ONE this week. How absolutely delightful. Our Jax is a joy.

🎶 I told my kids when they have children I want to be called “Meemaw” like in Young Sheldon. They have wished me good luck with that. Assholes.

🎶 I had the most fantastic time in Swellendam during the media launch of the Swellendam Winter School. It is an initiative for the people, by the people.

Basically, during the upcoming winter months (May to August) more than 50 unique courses will be run by the residents of Swellendam.

Check out their web site and do something different this winter. I absolutely loved it.

I wish you enough,


2 responses to “Believe me.”

  1. I love your T Shirts!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I’m so glad you love them as I love them too.


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