5 (more) things about me

1. I love watching Queer Eye🥂. I cry at the end of almost every episode. I’ve learned about the French tuck, the crisscross of walking in heels (with a touch of bend and snap 😊), and if you open your heart and mind… there are circles of love everywhere.
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If only the World was in an uproar.

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

You crave chaos. You’re happiest when the world is in an uproar. You thrive on madness. Even when your magic is at its best when it’s the catalyst to confusion. You still can’t admit this?
A.G. Howard

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How do I look?

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

Yesterday I gave Bianca from E4Elegance some room to play! Yes, the main goal is always #purplehairdontcare 💜

We decided to lift the colour a tad, (something, when done by a proper professional, does not leave your hair damaged and brittle, although I don’t do it often) so the colour would be more vibrant and not as dark as what I had it over the past six weeks.

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