If only the World was in an uproar.

Dear friends and other interesting creatures,

You crave chaos. You’re happiest when the world is in an uproar. You thrive on madness. Even when your magic is at its best when it’s the catalyst to confusion. You still can’t admit this?
A.G. Howard

🎀 I read that yesterday. I sat with it. Got comfortable with it. Yes, it is indeed true. I need chaos. The people. It feeds my soul. Gives me life. I need the noise for my madness to turn to magic. I am spending too much time outside my magic.

🎀 I’ve realised that I often say “I’m tired” when in reality I am feeling sad. People don’t really know what to answer to sadness, but we glorify the art of being busy.

🎀 Shirley Valentine and I are rocking the evening meal these days. Currently in the fridge is Balance Wines.

🎀 I’m currently loving Instagram although I’m always in search of new accounts to follow. Great photography but with a personality that intrigues. I’m a hoarder of information broken down into concepts, ideas and eventually words.

🎀 I found the first anniversary of my Liam James ‘s move to the UK 🇬🇧 and his birthday just before that, quite emotional. Everyone around me is tired of the subject but missing my son continue to overflow my heart and roll down my cheeks.

🎀 Since I was a little girl I was high on the royals. Princess Diana was my favourite. I hope Harry and Megan’s baby arrives soon. I think all this “publicised privacy” around the birth was not the best PR move. The secrecy only intensifies the hunger for details.

🎀 I agree no new mom needs to stand on the steps of the hospital hours after giving birth, rocking a red carpet ready look, but cutting out the public at a time when many see the monarchy as outdated, let’s us not annoy us, peasants, OK? #wink

🎀 The funniest line I read yesterday was on a status by Marc Lottering. He wrote that people with Matric was destroying their satellite dishes. It made me laugh and I’m now owning that line! To make sure Marc will still love me, here is a poster for his upcoming show which I would love to see. I love to laugh and he is a funny guy.

🎀 The #AfricanHipsDontLie merchandise adventure has been such a gift. I get refreshing, positive feedback from places I never expected! A woman claiming, celebrating and realising that you are not your size. I’m so happy this idea of mine is paying off. Besides, it is fun coming up with the spin-off slogans! Foodie is a great one. I mean are you even a Foodie if you don’t own the T-shirt? 😂

Mail me, wenchy@mweb.co.za at once to order! 💜

I wish you enough,


Author: WεηchƔ

In September 1997, “The Nocturnal Wenchy” started her blog. The blog remains painfully real but these days she is more of an intermittent Blogger! 😉

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